Automation Market summary

Test automation software’s are totally serving to a big selection of sectors in optimizing software test take a look at processes, reducing the task compilation time, and transferal potency in business operations. The market has gained Brobdingnagian interest from leading IT organizations in recent years, resulting in the expansion in investments for the event of latest QA and software testing services.

The market demand is additionally gaining traction because of speedy increase in a variety of mobile applications in sectors like multimedia system, travel, communication, productivity, and utilities. Excluding this, the expansion in the world market is additionally supported by the readying of varied cloud applications across industries so as to cut back effective time-to-market.

Automation Testing Market Dynamics


• Increasing adoption of mobile devices and technologies

• Increasing adoption of the DevOps methodology

• Automation testing increasing returns on investment

• Transforming testing by digital transformation


• Data protection and privacy issues


• Advancement of technologies exploring opportunities in automation

• Agile development atmosphere for quality assurance and testing


• Lack of virtuoso and fully-fledged at automation resources

• Selection and management of testing tools

Automation Testing Boost The Market Growth

The automation testing market size is anticipated to grow from USD seven.55 billion in 2017 to USD nineteen.27 billion by 2023, at a Compound Annual rate of growth (CAGR) of seventeen.7% throughout the forecast amount. The area of automation has fully grown from straight forward automation of taking a look at activities to the automation of taking a look at information and take a look at environments. The emergence of smarter product and smarter applications has conjointly generated the demand for intelligent, integrated, and automatic testing of those perpetually ever-changing products and business environments.

The integration of advanced technologies, such as AI, IoT, and DevOps, into industrial processes, conjointly promotes enterprises to elect automation. Moreover, automation of the business method conjointly helps enterprises to boost their ROI and shorten the merchandise lifecycle.

Geographical Segmentation of Taking A Look at Automation Market

Geographically, North America has been contributive highest revenue to the world market. In 2016, the region accounted for over four-hundredth of the revenue share in overall market and is additionally expected to continue with the largest share, throughout the forecast amount. With a rise in the maturity of QA and testing sector among enterprises within the region, Europe trails North America within the world revenue contribution. The market in Asia-Pacific is anticipated to register sturdy growth between 2017 and 2023. The high growth within the regional market is anticipated to be backed by a rise in investment for taking a look at automation computer code development by regional players, growth in adoption of skilled testing resources and tools, and external outsource at automation services. See reference of markets and markets for automation testing market by region:

Top 5 Test Automation Trends

1. Codeless Automation:

 In recent times, there are certain changes in the planet of technology. The connected issue happened among the software package checking take a glance where test automation has emerged to plug active software package releases at the highest quality. Automation has regularly been fascinating, as a result of it decreases the conventional testing efforts and stimulates the testing technique. Though, ROI is not regularly expected. Therefore on extend the quality of taking a glance at automation, ‘Codeless Automation’ is introduced. It helps to deliver faster results and reduces the time consumed to grasp the code.

2. Artificial Intelligence:

 Software testing is that the only designated approach where Associate in the application and are the usually scrutinized at a lower place specific conditions and where testers can confirm the risks involved in software package implementation. Testing, on the other hand, is slowly conversing to higher automation to substantiate best accuracy and truth among the drive towards digital transformation. Whereas creating a trial to make the applying reliable, the world is sound towards AI. This signifies that instead of manual testing and human interference, we have an inclination to moving towards a situation where machines square measure progressing to bit by bit forward management.

3. Robotic method Automation (RPA):

 Nowadays, enhancements in AI and software package testing world have coated the path for Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Latest and rising technologies just like the web of Things (IoT), AI, Machine Learning and psychological feature Computing are transforming the industries. RPA is the newest technology that has the facility to re-invent the business technique management side.

4. Mix of Agile and DevOps:

 The demand to adopt business changes and faster delivery to the market is driving organizations to digital transformation. And, this winds up in associate accumulated adoption of structure practices and methodologies like DevOps and Agile. For this adoption to understand success, quality should be thought of for team accountability. Even for the foremost tough systems, this could drive to faster deployments and reassuring high-quality product that square measure delivered in a passing efficient manner.

5. Adoption in IoT Testing:

 Nowadays, most of the businesses enterprises are clasp the web of Things (IoT). IoT apps and devices are tested for performance, security, and utility. Most of the purchasers depend on IoT testing before the acquisition of their product. All the IoT devices expect net property, therefore, exposed to security flaws and risks. This ensures the need for IoT Testing.


Test Automation is hard, however, if finished a well-thought-through strategy, it will change groups and provides that overtime span to appear at the project objectively. The market size for taking a look at automation is certainly increasing and is unquestionably promising, however, there's significant for adopting a proper strategy and tools to create it works for your business.


Achal Sharma

Achal is a seasoned Mobile Automation Lead in BugRaptors with an ISTQB certification, possessing extensive expertise in mobile automation testing. With a robust background in developing and implementing automation frameworks tailored specifically for mobile applications, Achal excels in ensuring the quality and reliability of mobile software products. His proficiency in utilizing cutting-edge automation tools and methodologies enables him to streamline testing processes and accelerate release cycles. Achal's leadership skills, coupled with his commitment to delivering high-quality solutions, make him a valuable asset in driving mobile automation initiatives and achieving organizational goals effectively.


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