Technological Trends For Software Testing In 2019


By Achal Sharma

Technological Trends For Software Testing In 2019

Software testing comprises ways to analyze a software item to detect defects. Also, it aims to evaluate the features of the software product.

Hopefully, 2019 will yield a vital year in software testing.

However, the technological shift has just begun. As we have stepped into 2019, we should expect more milestones as several new software testing trends are being discovered. QC/QA must be hoping to take shape shortly. Considering all such facts, here are several 2019 software testing trends:

The objective of Software Quality Has Turned Into A Cross-Functional Goal.

In the year 2018, To evaluate the quality of software, the number of organizations creates cross-functional committees

Global Payments has been leading the pack in this regard so that they strengthen their partnerships and trust with everyone involved in software craft. In the case of Global Payments, it is being observed that all such types of partnership assure make the continued collaboration and coordination, even when release cycles are at a high pace.

As per our prediction, this trend will for sure be in full force in 2019 as well, and it has become evident to organizations that quality needs a seat at the table.

1. The Shift:- Quality Assurance to Quality Engineering

As of, Software testing world QC/QA has been the approach of choice.

Although, QC/QA is now an intricate field that comprehends a hand full of skills and technology.,

QA has yonder from its initial scope.

To be at the same pace as this growth: A strong shift from QA to quality engineering will soon be observed.

 In 2019 and afar, Techies should be expecting quality engineering to arise in a big way as teams embed quality throughout the entire expansion process and cultivate the number of people who are to collaborate with quality engineers.

2. Organizations Democratize Load Testing

A specific discipline considerably was load testing at once; though the advent of new tools changed the picture.  As a consequence, more testers with a traditional QA background shall predictably get involved with load testing as 2019 steps in.

Previously, getting hands-on load testing required very specific hardware which easily wasn’t available for the testers.

3. Levels of Test Automation Increase

The Principal among these adjustments is complementing automation testing with manual testing. The advancement we saw in 2018, Test automation without any doubt will have growth in 2019.

4. Continuous Testing Goes Mainstream

Continuous testing but that’s nothing new on the block.

Automation rates must shoot up to 85% to put true continuous testing into play: Assumingly many organizations reach this tipping point in the years to show up.

Just by implementing continuous testing, the organization will business risks for today’s complex applications.

Explicitly, testing teams will be able to give their feedback on risks in a short period.

Such test coverage will have a massive influence on the development accompanying the quality of the application.


A disapprovingly important verification method “Testing” grosses a very large percentage of a project’s resources, including plan, budget, staffing, and facilities. Unlike the many useful activities of systems engineering, testing is comparatively exclusive because it is inherently destructive. It aims to force the system or its apparatuses to fail so that the defects that caused the failure can be uncovered and then fixed. In addition to defect detection, testing is also performed to provide sufficient objective evidence to validate confidence in the system’s quality.

We have always believed “quality is built-in and not added on.”

At BugRaptors, it’s always our priority to provide the best software testing services.

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Achal Sharma

Achal works as QA engineer in BugRaptors. He is well versed with manual testing, mobile application testing, game testing, compatibility testing , Regression testing and sanity testing and able to create effective documentation related to testing like test case, test report etc.

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