Technological Advancements In Communications Industry Demands Software Testing


Technological Advancements In Communications Industry Demands Software Testing

With the technological advancements in Communication sector over different periods of development, it is very important to have a robust back-end IT system to support the technology move. High demand for innovative services has badly affected the profits for telecom operators. Latest services keep on getting introduced into the market by the telecom operators. At the same time, Communications industry focuses to provide great experience to the users.

Numerous challenges are being faced by communication industry such as identifying better revenue streams, finding ways to deal with declining margins, focusing on innovation, making the services available all the time. Industrial growth largely depends upon technology, but lot of efforts and planning is to be invested to make the technology work for users and the market.

Currently, 4G services are being offered and the companies are gearing up for 5G services. This involves tremendous investments which leads to higher expectations of returns. Telecom operations need to be continuous, relevant, and should deliver great customer experience ensuring high quality at all levels.

With the growth of digitization, the telecom operators are joining hands with other industries to offer innovative services to the customers. If robust Quality of Service & desired Quality of Experience is not ensured then the services could not be successfully delivered to the customers. All these difficulties being faced by this industry opens the doors for the telecom quality assurance.

Being inclined to digital networks, Telecommunication sector has undergone major software transformations till now. This has forced this industry to rely upon quality assurance to convey services such as routing, switching and VoIP broadband access thus making it an unavoidable procedure.

Major areas where Communications Industry needs Software Quality Assurance

1. Support to Businesses: Network inventory, service assurance, fault management, system stock are the most critical and demanding areas of the telecom industry. Support management systems are responsible for the operation of end-to-end telecommunication services. These systems are stacked with information data and right output ensures smooth operation of processes. QA tests the frameworks and software producing the correct output.

2. Increased Quality: Telecom sector is considered to be a highly cost-intensive sector with huge investments in framework, technology, and abilities. QA enables the rapid industrialization, optimizes the labor costs, increases the process efficiency allowing the operators to meet their specified targets.

3. Enabled Innovations: To stay alive in a highly competitive marketplace, one needs to constantly improvise bringing out new services in order to attract customers keeping up the profit figures. Quality Assurance helps in bringing out latest products and services for the users. Testing takes a long way to help the operators in their program guaranteeing high efficiency.

4. Billing: High levels of integration across wide range of applications is required which becomes a challenge in case of Complex billing systems. If any mess gets created within a billing system then it leads to inconvenience for the users and operators as Billing is considered to be a revenue generation machine.

5. Delivering Customer Experience: Success of the telecom sector relies upon its hold over the customers, how well the customers are retained depending upon the services delivered to the customers. If the backend software is robust, user-friendly, responsive, then it maximizes the chances of Customer retention. Customer experience can be extended beyond this.


Achal Sharma

Achal works as QA engineer in BugRaptors. He is well versed with manual testing, mobile application testing, game testing, compatibility testing , Regression testing and sanity testing and able to create effective documentation related to testing like test case, test report etc.

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