Tech Talks With Symon Storozhenko


By Rajeev Verma

Tech Talks With Symon Storozhenko

Just after the world tasted the Internet and the web, there was no turning back. And therefore, it created the need for quality in technology and added all the rapidity to the quality assurance industry. More importantly, the QA industry itself has progressed at a very sharp pace making way for diverse technologies, perspectives, and approaches.  

In other words, when it comes to creating IT solutions that can meet the need of futuristic users, it is crucial to harness the power of Quality Assurance. And BugRaptors as a Quality Assurance service provider has always aimed at reinforcing digital solutions with performance and consistency.  

Nevertheless, creating technology that is crafted to deliver sustainable outputs while meeting scalability goals requires access to extensive industry knowledge. Considering the need for communication and thought-exchange amongst the QA enthusiasts, we constantly look for QA professionals from diverse backgrounds.  

This time, our in-house expert, Rajeev Verma, interacted with Symon Storozhenko. Symon is presently working as a Quality Assurance Automation Engineer at Eastdil Secured, United States.  

With a total experience of more than 8 years, Symon has worked across various profiles and roles diving through the various dynamics of Quality Assurance process. Symon has even worked on creating a full-fledged course on Udemy called, “Playwright with Python for Web Automation Testing + Visual Testing”. The course introduces a thorough guide on creating a professional-grade, scalable Pytest framework with Parallel execution.  

During the interview, our expert, Rajeev asked several questions to Symon related to his industry experience, the use of AI technology in QA industry, and the use of agile approach. With all that information about Symon and his experience in the industry, let us quickly jump to have a detailed read of the interview.   

Rajeev: How to keep up with the change in the testing world? 
Symon: I like watching weekly news by Joe Colantonio. He always delivers the latest and greatest tools and processes in the Test Automation world. 
Rajeev: What are some of the things you’re researching the most right now? 
Symon: I’m working on my own BDD-framework, where I try to bridge the gap between business and QA Automation teams. So, let’s say you’re using Cucumber framework, that means you would require to create feature files and then respective Python/JS/Java/C# files with the automated tests that represent those features.  

That creates an extra layer of complexity and sometimes a scenario in a feature file, written by a BA, may be interpreted differently by a QA Automation specialist. I want to create a BDD-framework where a natural language scenario is hosted right inside Python files—no need for feature files. Scenarios are executed on the fly, using the parsing engine, so there’s little room for ambiguity. 
Rajeev: Where do you see AI actually helping quality assurance? 
Symon: AI can help a great deal with generating test data. Let’s say you have a Relational or NoSQL database, the AI engine can mimic the data schema and create similar records for your testing—different every time. This, of course, will work to a certain extent: you won’t be able to just create any data for your visual testing. Visual testing requires static data on a page, otherwise a test will fail.  

You can always mask certain dynamic elements, but I personally prefer to keep that to a minimum. The reason for that is simple: I like to test paddings and borders on the elements and sometimes a long text might “spill over”, so masking elements here would serve against you and an ugly bug would squeeze through to production. I cover Visual testing topics, among others, in my Udemy course “Playwright with Python for Web Automation testing + Visual”. 
Rajeev: What are your views about agile approach? 
Symon: It’s the best approach currently, humans haven’t invented a better one just yet. 
Rajeev: How can a tester innovate? Do you have any specific examples? 
Symon: All testers should innovate! Any time you see you can improve a process, be it test case management, manual testing or automation testing, always question and critique existing methods, and suggest your solutions. Who knows, your way of managing test cases might become a golden standard in future! 
Rajeev: What advice would you give to aspiring testers who look forward to speaking at events or conferences? 
Symon: 1. Pick a topic you love and are knowledgeable about. 
2. Prepare well, rehearse your speech or hands-on workshop 
3. And just go out there! It’s an unforgettable experience knowing you might have helped or inspired someone! 
Rajeev: What's the best way to find and contact you going forward? 
Symon: You can contact me via LinkedIn or by email: 


We believe the interview would have helped you learn in more detail about Agile, AI, and Quality Assurance.  

In case you still have any questions related to advanced test automation techniques, you can reach Symon on his LinkedIn Profile.  

Or, just in case, you need some expert opinion to work on your next automation testing project, Feel free to reach our team through    

Stay tuned for more interesting updates. 


Rajeev Verma

Rajeev works as Project Manager at BugRaptors. He is working on several Web Application , Network Vulnerability assessments, Mobile Application , Secure Network Architecture reviews. He has knowledge in various automated and manual security testing methodologies. He has also frequently coordinated with stakeholders as an on-site resource to assist them in discovering security loopholes and fixing the identified issues.

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