An Update To Software Testing Trends


An Update To Software Testing Trends

In the past few years, an enormous change has been noticed in the Software Testing domain. Let it be a self-driven car, a social networking website, or a medical equipment, the software functioning and quality have to be made sure before making the products live.

With the fastest evolving areas like test automation, performance and security, the demand for more advanced and upgraded software testers are arising. To consolidate the emerging software testing trends, here we will showcase some top software testing news towards which we will have to shift our focus to remain up to date:

1. The Impact of Agile and DevOps

To maintain an on time and quality delivery, Agile and DevOps have amazingly helped the organizations to achieve their goals, along with Client satisfaction. With Continuous Development, Testing, Integration, and Deployment, DevOps has been the first choice for a lot of organizations over the last few years. Whereas with Agile, an iterative approach for delivering the product in parts, have impressed the Clients to satisfy their goal. Further, the demand of execution of test cases at every stage has involved the Automation Testing technique, to maintain the speed and quality.

2. Script-less Automation is the best option

It has been around 20 years since Automation testing is used. It is implemented using languages like Java, Python, C#, etc, and a framework to execute the test cases. However, if an organization wants its Business Analysts to get involved in Automation, it will be a difficult and expensive task to gain the code knowledge, and then perform automation.

So, the alternative to this is Script-Less Automation, for which the organization just need to train the desired employees for this tool, and this knowledge can be used to automate the products, without knowing about the code/scripts. Some tools available for this purpose are like Ranorex, TOSCA, etc.

3. The evergrowing open source tools

As there are abundant tools available online, most of the organizations are switching to the usage of Open Source Tools like Selenium WebDriver for Automation of Tests, Apache JMeter for checking the performance. This availability of tools and their features have attracted the organizations and made it a huge success.

4. Security testing is now becoming a necessity

With more and more users shifting to online resources, to save data, pay bills, do shopping, or communicating on applications, Security testing is now becoming a major necessity. This feature is now a part of the checklist that proves quality of the product.

5. Growing need of Automation testing of mobile apps

With most of the applications shifting from Website to Mobile platform, more demand is arising for automated testing of the mobile applications. Let these applications be related to e-commerce, or banking, any upgrade in these applications requires a complete and fast testing cycle. Using open source tools like Appium, Robotium, and Protractor, it makes it easy to achieve the goals on time.

6. Internet of Things (IoT) testing in demand

As the demand for IoT is emerging day by day, the need for testing is increasing due to the increasing database and upgrade. Since all the data is collected over the internet, its vulnerability becomes questionable. So the testing of these things before delivering the product becomes very important.

7. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) will spread

In order to perform a huge variety of time-consuming tasks, RPA is used to improve the output and efficiency. With newer technologies like the Internet of Things, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence, the demand for Robotic Process Automation is ever-growing. As it saves both time and cost, it will become a requirement for a business to succeed.

8. Enormous requirement of Big Data Testing

In order to handle a database of big companies, Big Data testing is becoming more and more popular. With all this data going digital, Big data testing will be a necessity in future.


Achal Sharma

Achal works as QA engineer in BugRaptors. He is well versed with manual testing, mobile application testing, game testing, compatibility testing , Regression testing and sanity testing and able to create effective documentation related to testing like test case, test report etc.


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