Software Testing Market Poised To Witness Rise In Demand


Software Testing Market Poised To Witness Rise In Demand

The software testing market is gaining popularity these days, majorly due to test automation services used amongst SMEs and large enterprises. Automation testing services not only help in reducing the test turn-around time and testing costs but also enhances the efficiency and accuracy of the testing software.

It has been estimated that the software testing services market will grow by $ 34.49 billion during 2020-2024. Technavio, which is a global market research firm, suggests that the integration of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will benefit the market and contribute to its growth in the coming period. With the increase in web and mobile applications, there is an increasing demand to invest in integrating technologies like AI and ML. It further helps in performance and regression testing by collecting and analyzing data. Designing, scripting, and implementation processes are done to carry out tasks efficiently and reduce the testing time. Organizations trust them further to improve accuracy and to predict the points of failure. Analysts foresee that the market value of the software testing services will boom by the increase in the adoption of agile testing and the growing momentum of crowdsourced testing. In North America, the software testing market has grown due to various factors like increasing demand for software development and applications. Also, many industries, like retail, telecom, BFSI, and media industries, are adopting the software and applications.

Automated testing will not rule out the demand for manual testing, but in addition, the QA practitioners will have to develop a smarter, prevalent and end-to-end environment. According to the Capgemini World Quality Report, the QA teams should consider automation as a  smarter, broader, and a connected platform to provide accurate results while saving time. Big data testing that deals with large data volumes help in better decision making and precise data validation. QAOps helps in increasing the flow of direct communication between testing engineers and developers by the integration of software testing into the CI/CD pipeline, instead of the QA team to operate in isolation.

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