Significant Reasons That Call For Investment In Performance Testing


Significant Reasons That Call For Investment In Performance Testing

Performance Testing is a type of testing which ensures that applications will perform well under the expected workload. Performance testing helps to check the behaviour of an application across various situations. An application can work effectively within a particular number of users but might get dysfunctional with additional thousands of users during peak traffic. Its performance like the response time, reliability, resource usage, and scalability is considered. The goal of performance testing is not to find bugs but to eliminate performance bottlenecks. Performance testing helps in establishing the speed, scalability, and stability of the software application. So, designing and executing these tests are critical for ensuring the stability of an application. An effective performance testing strategy is essential for highlighting most of the performance issues. It could be associated with the database, network, software, bandwidth, or hardware.

Why it is critical for enterprises to invest in Performance Testing

1. It will generate more revenue: The faster the web application is, the more it will generate revenue. For applications such as e-commerce applications have to provide an easy and secure gateway to the customers which result in better transactions and repeated visits on the application.

2. Provide customers with better website speed: A slow and lousy website results in repelling the crowd coming on the site. The automation testing tools enable the teams to check the speed and performance of the website. Users should be able to load the site with basic connectivity and bandwidth that helps in maintaining the interest and keeping them engaged.

3. Improve quality by Resolving defects before getting into the market: Performance testing gives customers information about their application regarding speed, stability, and scalability. Performance testing helps in uncovering what needs to be improved before the product goes live. Without performance testing, the application is likely to suffer from various issues such as running slow with simultaneous users, inconsistencies across different operating systems and poor usability.

4. Enhance the application’s robustness: The web applications should also remain sturdy even during the most critical times such as network issues, cyber-attacks, or virtual threats. Performance testing tools ensure the sturdiness of the application to sustain in the marketplace and perform relentlessly.

5. Essential for Online Gaming applications: Performance testing provides confidence especially for online gaming applications and software which is expected to take the load of concurrent gamers and deliver the speed and performance as promised. Various statistics which are collected during the execution of test cases ensure to meet various performance goals especially, speed, scalability, and stability.

6. Improve Scalability: Performance Testing exposes the areas where the possible vulnerabilities within an application exist and identify where it has to be strengthened to accept upgrades and changes to get more scalable. Analyzing the statistics from test executions can help the teams to identify any possible issues and capabilities of an application.

7. Enhance stability and dependability: Specific performance tests help the testing teams to find whether any recent changes or frequent releases cause any disruption in the behaviour of the application. An application has to be stable and deliver consistent results irrespective of any changes in its features.

8. Identify technology stacks: In Today’s world, web applications are getting complex day by day which has led to the implementation of various technology stacks. Performance testing helps us in identifying the weak links within the technology stack that has been used for the application.

9. Helps in improving application responsiveness: Responsiveness is one of the major factors for enterprises to achieve an organization’s business objectives. Many Performance testing tools are browser-based and testing can be done simultaneously to ensure that the application is compatible across various browsers, platforms, and OS.

What we can do for you…?

Our Performance team at Bugraptors has expertise in various applications such as client-server, web, distributed, mobile, cloud databases, high volume transaction systems, and highly complex applications.


Harinder Kaur

Harinder works as Automation Test Engineer at BugRaptors. She is experts in writing scripts in web driver/Behat using Cucumber, gherkin languages. She has tested the web application on multiple Browsers and OS using Automation.


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