Software testing is used to test the application that you build from the development & designing team and in which they ensure that it is free of bugs and is perfect for experiencing the best online business. When you choose any company to test your software, just remember what promises you get from the test experts like quality, security, improved performance, or high revenue. They even ensure to give you all types of tests under a suitable budget.

Do you think about how it is possible? Now the point is getting a computer system is not possible for free. The company’s electricity is not free, the company’s workers do not work at free of cost, and even learning new technology is not free. How is it possible for software testing companies to provide you many more features in one service?  Is the reason for giving all things in the single investment possible due to the tester’s lack of knowledge? Is the company’s time not valuable? Is inflation decreasing or anything else good happening in software testing? Too many questions are there, but the answer or the main advantage of getting software testing service today is test automation frameworks.

Role of Test Automation Framework in Software Testing

Test automation framework is generally a collection of tools used by software testing companies by following proper guidelines and set of rules to develop & design the test cases and test scripts, including preparing for the test recording.

Various types of automation testing frameworks are available to test different mobile, web & desktop-based applications on distinct testing platforms, servers, operating systems like Mac OS and Windows, etc. The rules that are developed for the test automation framework can be coding standards, processes, practices, concepts to handle the test data or safely store the test results. It allows us to test any business niche’s application with automated strategies. It includes several functions from test data, libraries to reusable modules for performing numerous test automation services such as functional testing, unit testing, smoke testing, integration testing, and regression testing.

Types of Test Automation Frameworks

There are six varieties of test automation frameworks. Each one contains special features and has its own architecture to implement similar test scripts multiple times and derive the valid output for an application.

Let’s check the different types of automation framework in testing:

  • Linear Scripting Framework.
  • Modular Testing Framework.
  • Keyword-Driven Testing Framework.
  • Data-Driven Testing Framework.
  • Behavior Driven Development Framework.
  • Hybrid Testing Framework.
  • Test Library Architecture Framework.


  • Linear Scripting Framework

It is an automation framework for the testing of small-sized applications. With a linear scripting framework, one can easily create and execute test scripts individually and get the testing part done by following its concept of record and playback mode.

  • Modular Testing Framework

Several testers are required for performing automated testing on a modular framework. The application’s test tasks are divided into separate functions, units, or individual modules before creating the test scripts for each part and before building the larger tests in a hierarchical form.

  • Keyword-Driven Testing Framework

It is an independent application framework that utilizes keywords and data tables before performing actions on the app, which is under test. The benefit of using a keyword-driven testing framework is that it requires very less scripting knowledge, allows the implementation of multiple test scripts using a single keyword, and helps attain the benefits of code reusability.

  • Data-Driven Testing Framework

In selenium, a data-driven framework is a strategy to separate the data set from the actual test case. It is easy to separate the test case from the data set using a data-driven testing framework. Similarly, it is much simpler to modify the test case's particular functionality without making any change to the code.

  • Behavior Driven Development Framework

With a Behavior Driven Development Framework, testers can build test cases in a very simple English language, which also helps non-technical people to understand and perform test analysis based on the system’s behavior.

  • Hybrid Testing Framework

The hybrid Testing framework is one of the types of automation framework used by testers with the least knowledge of programming languages. It uses a combination of many other types of testing to look out the test data, object repository, keywords, creating the test case, and gaining the greatest efficiency with benefits. 

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  • Test Library Architecture Framework

Test Library Architecture Framework develops as per the module-based testing concept for creating a library and using common functions for testing. Remember that it allows just to divide the application into functions, not for creating test scripts.

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Advantages of Test Automation Framework

Undoubtedly test automation framework also requires manual efforts from the tester, but it gives so many advantages to all businesses that you can check below:

1. Earlier Detection of Defects/Bugs

Maintaining documentation of software defects is extremely easy with the test automation framework. It improves the overall development speed and helps identify weaknesses from the application faster. It helps clients get their work done under a reasonable budget. This framework allows testers to use the proper functionality and resolve the issues from the software ASAP.

2. Faster Time-to-Market

By using the best automation framework features, one can faster complete the IT projects or wind up the testing process more quickly. Test automation is beneficial for the repetition of test cases, and it helps software developers use different test approaches for eliminating the risks from the software or an application.

3. Huge ROI

The purpose of using automated testing in software testing is to fix all glitches before giving delivery to the customer or before releasing the product into the market. It ensures high-quality work that you all want to grab the attention of your audience. After having quality-made software from the tester, you can generate a huge ROI and increase brand awareness.

4. Maximum Test Coverage

In manual testing, it isn't easy to run too many test cases in a single time. With test automation, software testers can execute many tests to improve an online application, software, or website.


Due to the on-trend DevOps and agile best practices, there is always a need for the test automation frameworks support to gain high end quality products with faster time to market. To keep up the pace, BugRaptors can help you with their advance solutions for your all type QA needs.

Let us know your software testing requirement. We promise to give you an ultimate automation testing solution that best suits your need and time. Book your consultation here.


Shaifali Sharma

Shaifali Sharma is an ISTQB certified web automation lead with a passion for ensuring software quality through robust testing methodologies. With a strong background in automation testing frameworks and tools, she excels in designing, implementing, and executing automated test suites to streamline the software development process. Her dedication to continuous learning and staying updated with the latest trends in automation testing enables her to deliver high-quality solutions that meet the evolving needs of the industry. Shaifali's commitment to excellence and her collaborative approach makes her a valuable asset to any software automation team.


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