Role Of Software Testing In Healthcare Industry


By Sharad Yadav

Role Of Software Testing In Healthcare Industry

In order to understand the role of software testing in the Healthcare Industry at first, we need to understand the abstract view on the basis of which Health care industry works. In an overall manner entire healthcare sector can be clubbed into a single unit which basically consists of Hospital, Doctors Regulatory body, Health-care solution Vendors and the patient.

Interlinking of the above-mentioned system into a web application is a tough cookie and its efficient and Effective working is a more commanding task as the whole web- application needs to undergo through a vigorous testing process to serve the patients in a better way with a quality product and best user experience.

Real-time on-demand medical assistance is a new influential shift in the healthcare segment. Although, the basic idea of home healthcare is changing in an overall manner the way healthcare industry functions, which expects convenient, easy, user-friendly and quick access to healthcare. Home healthcare is also a growing trend and it is expected to grow more in the upcoming years.

Some of the most important reasons for comprehensive testing which can innovate the healthcare with QA are:

# Usability Testing:

There are numerous scenarios which needs to be considered while performing usability Testing such as the patient who shops for healthcare products and services, to the clinicians who provide the healthcare product or service, from the solutions providers that support the delivery of that care to the insurance companies and governmental agencies that support the payment for those care products and services and the list goes on. Thus we can say that Usability Testing plays a vital role in the Healthcare sector.

# Big Data Testing:

Big data is all about extremely large datasets which can be analyzed computationally to extract patterns, trends, and associations, especially relating to human nature and interactions.

# Security of the applications:

As we know that within the healthcare industry huge costs of research and development along with strict rules of the regulatory body and increasing user demands requires a sharp focus on software quality. Therefore organizations need to develop, enhance, customize and update testing strategy which is based on emerging software testing trends. Although, all such trends may not pertain equally to each healthcare organization but will differ based on the nature and usage of healthcare solutions as well as according to the specialized testing needs of specific healthcare providers.

# Integration Testing:

Health sector consists of various forms and modules such as Insurer, the Policyholder, Provider, TPA, Broker, Patient, Hospital, Regulatory body domain. Integration testing is performed to ensure that the overall healthcare web application and dependent devices are integrated and working as per the requirement.

# Test Automation support:

It requires rigorous testing and a thought-through quality assurance plan. For audit and compliance purposes such tests need to be recorded and repeated. In order to create a strong QA environment test automation is implemented and it ensures that every aspect of the product/application is tested for interoperability. For instance, healthcare wearables interact with users via mobile applications. If both the wearable and the application do not work in sync, they might not show accurate results.

# Functional Testing:

In healthcare products and applications, it is most significant to make sure that the software is fit enough to deliver the required performance and service efficiently in a quick time. For instance, consider a hospital application that helps patients to generate reports with a secure login. The application must be functional all the time to deliver the required service accurately.

Software testing helps to validate business workflows and take performance measures to ensure the desired results. This is done by monitoring the strategy, implementation, and execution on every defined parameter. Consequently, this helps in ensuring the highest quality output within shorter development cycles. Quality Assurance further ensures comprehensive coverage across all the scenarios and setups, which helps achieve complete testing.


When it comes to healthcare imperatives involving patient driven and patient-centered care, having a cutting-edge software means nothing if it does not work in a user-friendly way for healthcare professionals and patients. At BugRaptors, it’s always our first priority to provide top-notch software testing services in Healthcare sector by keeping in mind all the positive and negative scenarios.


Sharad Yadav

Sharad works as a Consultant QA at Bugraptors. He is having multidimensional skills with respect to Manual testing, Mobile application testing, Game testing, Compatibility testing, Smoke testing, Responsive Testing, Sanity testing and Regression testing. He is also having expertise in preparation, development and execution of Test cases, Test procedure specifications and Test summary reports etc.

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