No matter, what type of product or services you sell, keeping your app always ready is necessary. Especially, when you are all set to enter the holiday season, it becomes even more important to offer undisturbed output to your clients being a QA service provider.  

And just in case, you have not given it a thought, make sure you start looking at improving the health of your existing or ready-to-launch application. Such initiatives could even allow you to strengthen your digital strategy and drive revenue through effective customer experience.  

Though it could turn out to be a complicated task to get through every detail of a full-fledged application like an eCommerce solution, there are a few things that can always be done in terms of updates and quality improvements.  

In this blog, we will aim at highlighting the various ways in which you could update your application and make it holiday ready. Besides, we will even talk about the QA solutions and practices that you can pursue to meet all the benchmarks of performance.  

Let’s begin! 

Strategies to make Appiications Business-ready

Embedding Video Content 

The first thing that you can do to take your digital game to another level is to promote your product with video content that reflects your brand value in the context of the holiday spirit. However, it is necessary that you must invest your time only in quality videos that contain the best audio and video to showcase what your brand could deliver.  

Making Necessary Optimization 

When it comes to optimizing your application for the holiday season, the only thing that makes the difference is how well you can embed the fun and fervor of the occasion. It can begin with the simplest things like updating screenshots for the season sale or any other visuals that might help capture the interest of the users. 

Most of the time, business owners focus on listing products and services. However, the truth is the first thing that users are going to witness with your application is the initial experience and the graphics. It can even be anything that you upload as a screenshot for your application on the app store.  

All in all, it is necessary that the character of your app must be maintained while integrating the theme of the holiday season into the design. More importantly, you should remember to add the right list of holiday-specific keywords that can help you gain the necessary exposure.   

Make It Special For Your Consumers 

One significant issue that customers often face during the holiday season is the dilemma of making decisions related to purchases. Especially, when they have a bunch of options available to choose from.  

This is something where you need to work on your e-commerce app. It is necessary that you must allow your previous users to stick with your website. Besides, your marketing strategy must focus to yield customers who are loyal towards your service.  

Here you can showcase a little bit of gratitude towards your consumers, be it an existing user or anyone who can turn out to be a potential client. Such kind of appreciation could help you fetch great interest of users.  

Improve Payment Process 

Last but not the least, you need to work on the payment process to promote your sales. Make sure you foster a multi-channel payment strategy where your users could make purchases through card, cash, online banking, etc.  

85% of buyers admit that they prefer shopping on a mobile app rather than a website due to simplified app payment methods. 

Testing For Quality Assurance During Holiday Season 

Even when you are done making the changes and updates related to visuals and payments, it becomes necessary to work on certain QA benchmarks. The process involves checking all the existing features of the application as well as any updates or changes made to the app.  

Since QA allows you to stay compliant with all the legal and regulatory objectives of the application, here are a few ways in which quality assurance solutions could help you redefine your business strategy during holiday season.  

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A/B Testing App Creatives 

If you need to succeed with your digital business initiatives during holiday season, it is vital that you must leverage the potential of A/B testing, along with all the changes you make to your product page. It is actually an important part of making calculated moves and taking data-driven decisions rather than following your instinct.  

Besides, it is necessary that you must not test any hypothesis more than once as it will not always bring you effective results and even require more time and resources. Consider a situation where you get positive results in one out of three attempts, such initiatives to a boosted conversion can be ambiguous. Thus, one A/B test per element is enough.  

Checking On Functionalities 

Once you are done with all the graphic and payment part, the next thing that you need to pursue is work on the functionalities. Especially, when you make certain amendments to your website, testing functionalities allow you to develop more stable solutions.  

Though it may appear to be a single new feature added to your application, it can affect any part of your existing code which therefore require running thorough testing of all the functionalities in relation to each other.  

Load Testing 

Be it physical stores or your digital marketplace, holiday season is all about extensive traffic and customers. And if you have not planned to load test your application, think again! 

No matter, you are running some sales platform or you are a service provider, your application must be able to handle any number of expected users. After all, nobody likes to explore an application that crashes once you unleash some SALE page that instantly captures the attention of the users on the web.  

Privacy & Security 

Last but not least, you must ensure creating a platform which is secure. Even if it is accessed through any kind of network conditions or devices, you must strictly work on factors like VAPT testing, and other data privacy concerns that might restrict users to interact with your application. 

Also, high rise in traffic during the holiday season makes it tempting for hackers to run malicious activities. However, having a secure and stable platform allows you to offer a safe browsing environment to the users.  

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Concluding It All... 

Creating a perfect app for the holiday season often gets tricky. From consumers to business owners, users are extremely active about anything that could help them yield digital attention. However, the only thing that could make the difference in fetching conversions and aligning more sales is how well you understand the behaviour and expectations of your target audience.  

If you are able to create a product which is stable, secure, and offers the widest variety of shopping/service options, along with convenience to browse through the application, you could easily hit the bullseye.  

And just in case, you need assistance securing or testing your application to make it holiday ready, feel free to reach our team through  

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