Much Awaited Features Of Latest iOS Version 11.0


By Achal Sharma

Much Awaited Features Of Latest iOS Version 11.0

The new version of iOS '11.0' released in September 2017 and it has been one of their biggest update. All new features has improvised the feel of iPad and made the use of iPhone even more easier. There are a number of features to explore, which have been listed and explained below:

1. The Photos to explore more: This application now brings more features to the Live Photos. The movies now will automatically align as per the portrait and landscape orientation. Memory types like pets, weddings, sporting events, babies etc. have been introduced.

Now, it will also support Animated GIF.

2. QuickType: The users can now swipe down the keyboard to easily switch from letters to numbers, and special characters on iPad. The iPhone will also support one-handed keyboard making it easier to type. More languages are now supported, and 2 new keyboard types have been added.

3. Bunch of other features and improvements: The long-awaited redesign of the Control Center brings all controls on one page. Apple has also made changes to Apple Music, Apple News, and Apple Podcasts. Also, Safari now comes with few more support for math, definitions, and conversions.

The Arabic system font will be also supported now, with bilingual dictionary support of Russian and English and Portuguese and English languages.

4. The advanced Augmented Reality: With all new Augmented Reality technology, AR gaming has gone to another level. It will be more realistic, interactive and interesting.

5. A cluster of New features designed for iPad: The new features in Dock will make the iPad experience really easy. The user will now be able to resize the Dock to add all the favorite applications. It has an enhanced Slide Over and Split View which allows the user to easily multitask on different applications. The Drag and Drop feature has made it easier to move the text, images, and files between the applications in iPad. Multi-touch is also possible to move multiple items. Also, the user will now be able to Markup on documents, PDFs, web pages, photos and more.

The all-new Files application will allow the user to browse, search and organize files in a much better user-friendly manner.

6. The new App Store: It has been modified with some new features for the better experience and easy use. It has a new tab ‘Today’ to remain updated with the latest applications. The application details will have more video previews, and more details for the user to make sure of the requirements.

7. Do Not Disturb while Driving: With this feature turned ON, the notifications will not be disturbing you anymore while driving. The user will have an option to send an iMessage auto-reply, to let the contact know that you are driving.

8. The incredible Camera: With more features in Portrait mode, the Camera will now have True Tone flash, optical image stabilization, and HDR. We can now have new formats of photos and videos i.e. HEIF and HEVC, in order to reduce the storage space.

On the other hand, the Camera will now be able to identify and scan QR codes automatically and also comes up with 9 new filters.

9. More expressive Siri: Siri voice has become even more realistic, and translates English words and phrases into 5 other languages. The suggestions are based on the usage of applications like Safari, News, Mail and Messages. The Siri now also works with banking related applications for account transfers and with applications that display QR codes. Dictation in Hindi and Shanghainese is also supported now.

10. The depth of Maps: Apple Maps has now gone behind the walls and will now also provide the Indoor Maps for major airports and shopping centers. It will also provide lane guidance and speed limit information with turn-by-turn directions. To make it user-friendly, it has the feature of One-handed zoom with double tap and swipe. The maps will now interact with Flyover by moving the device.


Achal Sharma

Achal works as QA engineer in BugRaptors. He is well versed with manual testing, mobile application testing, game testing, compatibility testing , Regression testing and sanity testing and able to create effective documentation related to testing like test case, test report etc.

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