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With everyday new technological advancements and a growing number of Internet users, data creation, data storage, and retrieval has reached new heights. More importantly, the heart and soul of any software service is the "data," which is included in databases for retrieval and further processing. 

Also, today, the complexity of applications and software portals has increased to a great extent. Therefore, it's required to bring in a stronger and more secure database, which is the most crucial element for any project to be successful. 

Testing the database design and structure of an application is a vital component of the quality assurance services that are necessary for software development. In this blog, we will learn about what a database is? What is database testing? And how can database testing enhance the Quality Assurance process?  

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Database And Database Testing: Definition 

Database implies a systematic collection of data with information that can store, manipulate and view the data using a pertinent structured query language. 

Now, when we talk about database testing, it implies the process where quality assurance personnel check if the data is retrieved, but the application is the same in the database. In other words, it is all about identifying the bugs and errors in the process that leads to data integrity issues, performance-related issues, and crashes. 

Types Of Database Testing 

  • Structural database testing 

This type of database testing implies using tables, database schemas, and a column for testing the stored procedures and the triggers. 

Schema / Mapping Testing – The main focus of this is to entail using database object mapping in order to validate the objects of a front-end application. 

Stored Procedures Testing - This type of test ensures that manual execution of stored procedure and view generates the required result. 

  • Functional database testing 

This Testing is all about verifying the health of a database from the perspective of the user. It can be taken into consideration with white box or black-box testing. 

White box testing  

This type of Testing includes Testing database triggers and logical views. In this type of Testing, referential integrity and database consistency are also checked. One can use white boxing techniques such as decision coverage, statement coverage, etc. 

Black Box testing 

Black Box testing including Data Mapping and verified stored and retrieved data. One can use techniques such as equivalence partitioning and boundary value analysis. 

  • Non-functional database testing 

This type of database testing includes database performance, load, Risk testing, and also minimum system requirements analysis. 

Security testing - It is a type of Testing that identifies the system vulnerabilities, threats, and risks and further prevents malicious attacks from intruders. 

Stress testing – With the help of Stress Testing, one can evaluate the robustness and error-handling capabilities under harsh load conditions. 

Volume testing - System performance is analyzed by increasing the volume of data in the database. 

Load Testing – This type of test determines how the database behaves while being accessed by multiple users simultaneously. 

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Why Is Database Testing Important? 

Today, we witness that there are a lot of active user activities that are being performed over the Internet every second. With this, there is a lot of data being generated in the form of browsing, online marketing, filling forms, attendance marking, and much more.  

In this case, the need for database testing steps in. Database testing solutions are required to maintain the data's consistency, integrity, security, and, most importantly, validity. Let's discuss why database testing is important: 

  • Database testing helps to make sure that the integrity is protected throughout the development process that is from starting to the endpoint. 

  • Database testing ensures that there are no changes that are introduced into production without being validated by the quality assurance protocols. 

  • Database testing takes care of all the aspects from the design structure development until the application goes live. 

  • Database testing is important to prevent attacks such as SQL injection attacks. 

  • Database testing is important to validate the relationship between the entities that are within the database. 

How Can Database Testing Transfigure Improving Quality Assurance? 

Modern application development is becoming increasingly Complex. This is why database testing is also becoming essential in order to improve quality assurance. It is important to match the records stored in the database when data is entered into a UI screen by the user. 

Also, the database is a vital component of any system or application. Everything exists by data itself. In case of no data, nothing is possible. Database instability, if not treated, can cause the systems to behave inappropriately. Either there is a chance of the database getting crashed, or the data gets stored in an unorganized way.  

In both of these cases, data will become useless. So, database testing helps us to find out such vulnerabilities in a database system to protect a database from an unstable state. 

  • In a modern-day scenario, there is a huge need for the business to deliver applications that are reliable and robust. Database testing, in this case, ensures the rectification and identification of any loopholes in the system, thereby ensuring quality. 

  • Databases Can be complex setups, totally depending on the business logic behind the motive of Belton design. In this case, database testing not only improves the quality but also makes the whole process easy 

  • Database testing can enhance quality by ensuring that whatever the design is, all the values can be added correctly to the system. 

  • Database testing overall discovered the defects, and in order to correct them, it's critical to perform good database performance testing that also requires proficiency in writing queries and procedures. Database testing ensures that network issues during power outages do not affect the integrity of data or don't lead to data loss or corrupted data. In other words, it also ensures that every piece of data is being stored in the right and appropriate format. 

  • Database testing improves quality entrance quality assurance process as it looks at the following dimensions: 

  • Consistency:  If the data is copied across multiple databases, systems, tables, and reports, it should remain consistent, or in other words, it should remain the same.  

  • Accuracy: accuracy implies the sense in which it lets us know how well the data represents the real-world occurrence or object.  

  • Completeness: Testing ensures the quality by ensuring that there are no missing critical fields as then it would indicate that the data is incomplete.  

All in all, Database testing speeds an overall cycle to create room to test large data sets. Besides. database testing even aids in processing complex transaction behaviors. 


Database testing is one of the most crucial test processes which can identify and treat the bugs which are even difficult to find by front-end testing. It is a type of testing that requires a good amount of knowledge; therefore, before leveraging, organizations must keep in mind the requirements accordingly.  

Here at Bugraptors, we help you attain a stable and secure database of applications through our database testing services. More importantly, we assure you of safe, secure, and reliable software testing services!!!  

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