BugRaptors Becomes Finalist For North American Software Testing Awards 2021

BugRaptors Becomes Finalist For North American Software Testing Awards 2021

Toronto, Canada – Known for excellence in services and innovation, BugRaptors has met the global benchmarks of software testing. With only five years in the industry, the organization has managed to create a huge impact on the global stage, making way for several awards and recognitions.   

The Big News  

Since Automation is all that will make to the future of the software testing and quality assurance industry, BugRaptors has proven its capacity by making its place through the Finalists of North American Software Testing Awards 2021 under the Best Test Automation Project (Functional) category.   

What Were Judges Looking For?  

Since the award was meant to find the team that has exercised extraordinary skills with the most precise use of tools, BugRaptors competing for the Best Test Automation Project – Functional, managed to meet all the challenges and satisfy all the requirements of the judges.   

The Requirements  

  • Verification of functional requirements has been met or exceeded  

  • Utilization of a well-developed test suite of testing scripts  

  • Demonstrate the impact of functional testing on the confidence of the project and the deployment into production.  

  • Detailed Discussion of project goals, importance, achievements, resources, and successful results  

  • Evidence and evaluation of overcoming project challenges/obstacles.   

BugRaptors has not only made it to the Automation of the project but had all the abilities to showcase what they achieved, making the company add another feather to the hat.   

Right From The CEO’s Desk  

The CEO of the company, Yashu Kapila, on this huge achievement, said, “It is truly a proud moment for us. Since our entire team is so passionate about the idea of digital transformations leading through QA, meeting such marks of excellence gives us thrill. I am delighted, and more than that, I am positive that everybody, right from the Operational managers to the QA team, have that zest and zeal to take this legacy forward, breaking the records and meeting new benchmarks.”   

“Lastly, I would like to thank the entire team of North American Software Testing Awards 2021 for giving this stage to QA companies where they have a chance to showcase their expertise to the world”, She added.  

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