Key factors on Conflict-Of-Interest before outsourcing UAT


By Rajeev Verma

Key factors on Conflict-Of-Interest before outsourcing UAT

In today’s era, the demand for the online business like e-commerce, retail, and online banking is increasing very frequently. Day by day these online businesses have become very famous, most of the people like to use online services and in the business world there are huge opportunities to expand the business by developing web and mobile based applications. From big business Enterprises to small-scale companies, everyone is highly dependent on Web and mobile platforms to reach the heights in their business.

In many organizations, the customers, users and software developers face technical problems while using these platforms to check the functional behavior of the software. To keep themselves away from these types of circumstances, many enterprises choose the testing services provided by IT Consultants.

Outsourced user acceptance testing is essential before launching the product/software in the market. It deliberately achieves prestige with full growth of testing. There are various benefits of Outsourcing UAT like it is time-saving, cost-saving, effective, enhances accuracy.  UAT is performed before the product goes live, but there are various Clashes/Conflicts regarding outsourcing UAT. These conflicts are at organizational level as the companies feel that the internal team can better understand the clients, end users requirement and can prevent the flaws easily and efficiently.

UAT outsourcing is not the one night process. Various steps, procedures, and processes are needed to follow to achieve success in external UAT. The most important thing is to select the reliable and trustworthy vendor to attain the appropriate Outcome.

Some important points that need to be considered before outsourcing UAT:

  • Set up objectives to engage with UAT vendors: The most important goal of organization to choose the vendor who has expertise in testing. During the commencement of project, organizations plan targets and goals for UAT vendors. In this phase, UAT testers plan their testing approach for the product. Outsource vendors provide beneficial ideas for improvement of the product/software.
  • Determining tendency and metrics: Determining the information about issues, progress in testing by analyzing the test reports to know the genuine productivity.  If these metrics are not determined on time then there is a chance of inadequacy of statistics and data, which may have impact on the end product.
  • Establish efficient tracing and managing techniques: UAT’s contribution in project’s success is essential. It is important for an organization to establish efficient tracking techniques for observing and checking the progress of external user acceptance testing.
  • Advancement and customization are key characteristics for UAT testers: It is advantageous for ventures to choose IT Vendors who have an innovative way to deal with testing. Inventiveness enables them to utilize strategies to cover every single conceivable situation which may not be a piece of current value-based framework to be checked.
  • Empowering collaboration and exchanging the ideas: The accomplishment of any outsourcing venture relies upon participation and appropriate correspondence between the internal team and external vendor. Coordination and arrangements help in the smooth working of a venture. Issues can be dealt with immediately which helps to complete the project in given time.

For many enterprises, Outsourcing UAT is the challenge, but it is beneficial for both the organization and the Vendor. At the Organizational Level, the quality of their product is increased and the product fulfills the end users requirement. As far as the external vendors are concerned, they learn new techniques by testing and exploring different projects.

Clients’ needs to make sure that the ‘conflict of interest’ scenario is taken care of and an organization’s decision to outsource the Acceptance Testing should prepare well to train all team members of the product in order to control the occurrence of these issues.

We, at BugRaptors, while performing user acceptance testing we are also implementing thoughts to make sure that we can manage required tasks in Real-World scenarios, as per the specification of the product. We are trained in tools, knowledge and skills to understand bottlenecks and help them fix and ensure better performance of the application.


Rajeev Verma

Rajeev works as Project Manager at BugRaptors. He is working on several Web Application , Network Vulnerability assessments, Mobile Application , Secure Network Architecture reviews. He has knowledge in various automated and manual security testing methodologies. He has also frequently coordinated with stakeholders as an on-site resource to assist them in discovering security loopholes and fixing the identified issues.

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