Importance And Benefits Of Software Testing In Telecom Industry


Importance And Benefits Of Software Testing In Telecom Industry

What is Telecom Testing and its Importance?

Telecom testing is characterized as the testing of Telecommunication software. Since the move of the telecom segment to computerized and PC systems, media transmission industry utilizes programming essential. Telecom segment relies upon the different sorts of programming segments to convey numerous administrations like directing and exchanging, VoIP broadband access, and so forth. Consequently, telecom software testing is unavoidable.

Why is Valuable Domain Knowledge A Must for Testers?

In today market testing has turned into a fundamental element over any field like Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI), Retail, Health Care, Transportation, etc. As the testing business grows, an analyzer with key abilities isn't always adequate to meet the market needs. Markets presently request space and subject understanding. Space information is utilized to infer business use cases, and software testing learning is used to determine thoughts to test the cut-off points of the innovation.

On the other hand, some may contend that space information isn't essential to be a good tester. Be that as it may, can these analyzers test an application without knowing how a specific business works?

Some of the examples to understand domain knowledge:

1. Online Banking and transactions: A tester needs to test online banking application which includes login, transfers, bill payments and so on. To log in, a tester may require fundamental testing learning however to do modules like transfers and bill installments. One ought to comprehend the business rationale on cash streams.

2. Retail market and industry: Retail area incorporates in store Solutions, Enterprise management, and Warehouse management. One needs to comprehend the fundamental stream at each dimension for the administration to run specific tests effectively.

Example- If I want to test POS, I have to think about POS previously I can test it. With this being stated, a tester needs to comprehend the ground reality. It is significant testing undertaking to construct and keep up a group wealthy in testing and space information.

Remain positive and have fun getting to the various area of learning in your tasks.

Ways to Boost your Domain Knowledge:

While testing any project, more effort around the business comprehension and think like an end user, break down the significance of every usefulness from a business perspective. It will surely enable you to choose up a more profound understanding learning of the domain.

Every Organization has its interior preparing materials. Experiencing those materials additionally makes a difference.

Aside from preparing units, numerous associations additionally provide inner area confirmation as well. As far as, internal certifications are concerned, it does not hold much as an incentive outside the association; however, they are useful for picking up information. It is for sure that such certification helps and increases there confidence if a tester needs to change or extends working and continuing in the same association. Numerous clients make it required to have a specific dimension of area confirmation as if you are dealing with a human services venture, clearing HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) certification is a must.

Profit of Attaining Core Domain Knowledge:

1. Reduces the training time: A user can be profitable faster than another user that has zero area/industry knowledge.

2. Sound experience concerning workflow: It will better comprehend the item necessities.

3. Good understanding of UI features: It will help the user in improving the look and feel of the UI just as discovering more bugs at an initial stage at the UI front-end.

4. Good knowledge of back-end processing: Knowing how adequately/productively the information/code is managed.

5. Domain knowledge is also an essential aspect for defect triage: Knowing how the application will probably be utilized and how it relies upon various factors to perform, it will reveal a lot of information to Quality assurance /Quality control engineer whether a given imperfection is inconsequential or can be enhanced in a much better way from there end user perspective.

We, at BugRaptors, while performing testing also implement thoughts to make sure that we will manage required tasks and conduct testing in the telecom industry by keeping in mind all the positive and negative scenarios.


Deepak Arora

Deepak, a certified QA engineer associated with BugRaptors. He is well versed with Manual testing, Mobile application testing, Regression and Sanity testing. He is responsible for guaranteeing a level of quality for the end client and to help the software development team to identify problems early in the process.

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