As businesses are evolving with digitalization, Quality Assurance and Testing play a vital role for organizations to stay relevant in the dynamic marketplace and maintain a secured customer base. Let’s get into this discussion opportunity with Kanika Vatsyayan, VP - Strategy, at BugRaptors, to know her insights on how QA plays a significant role during Digital transformation.

MAHAK SHARMA (Business Consultant) : It always been great to have a discussion on latest tech concepts and understand more about the changing and corresponding trends on the QA domain. I am sure it will be a prolific discussion, which help the QA professionals and entrepreneurs in their future ventures.

KANIKA VATSYAYAN :  Yes, it a rapid pace of technology running around and we should take it with optimism not fear, in whatever field we are working on. Tech talks and discussion always results into the conclusions, things and ideas which in turn leads to more breakthrough. I will be glad to share my views on your queries.

MAHAK: As we begin our interview today, my first question to you is that,


KANIKA VATSYAYAN :  As we are observing the current scenario, customer behavior tracking, mobile payments, POS, e-Commerce, etc. are the latest retail industry trends that are entirely operated with automation techniques. But by formulating these activities, retailers face several challenges like Omni-channel deployment, third-party integration, speed augmentation, security enhancement, etc.

I believe we are on the verge of bringing the “Quality Revolution”, as every component of digital system requires automation testing at all the stages and help the merchants generate huge profits. So, the demand for using functional/automation tests is increasing day-by-day in retail digital evolution. 


MAHAK : Some people still doubt on the benefits of using DevOps Testing for any Digital Transformation. How do you see that?

KANIKA : Undoubtedly, using DevOps testing is highly beneficial for any Digital transformation. DevOps helps in eliminating the mundane and repetitive tasks from the SDLC and helps in improving productivity. In fact, Rollovers to Frequent backups through automation give more support in running robust and stable business processes and save manual costing. Also, early error detection and documentation reporting boost overall development speed and ensure the frequent delivery of products. 


MAHAK : According to you what is the primary goal of Testing in Digital Transformation?

KANIKA : I feel the coming years are going to bring a “Quality Revolution.” I believe that the primary goal of testing during digital transformation is to maintain consistent customer service standards to all platforms, from notebooks, tablets, phones to wearables, while assuring superior quality. For this, our testers perform repeated tests to guarantee that all operating systems and browsers will work efficiently as per the customers' expectations.  

MAHAK : As the world is moving towards cloud, what are the major reasons to adopt Cloud Testing for Digital Transformation?

KANIKA : Like you just said that everything is moving on cloud, definitely cloud testing is widely used by the developers today for the web and cloud-based mobile applications because it helps manage the competitive range by using the Agile approach. Similarly, it provides excellent support in constructing real-world device traffic with user-experiences in cloud-based environments. We adopt cloud testing for digital transformation, for quality-based product delivery and easy accessibility of resources. 


MAHAK: Talking about another trending technology, what are the various types of tests required for IoT (Internet of Things) devices?

KANIKA : IoT is ruling the world and is capturing a strong user base. It allows users to remotely control devices over a network, making it crucial to perform various IoT-based tests on devices. Some of them are interoperability testing, security testing, and API Testing. 


MAHAK : To drive digital transformation, which Chatbot Testing is highly recommended by you?

KANIKA : My vision is that Chatbots can replace the applications and websites in the future. It uses the most natural way of dialogues and allows smooth interaction between machines and humans. Further, to make the technology more user-friendly, multiple types of testing from functional, context, limit, conversation, etc. to intelligence-based testing are performed by the specialists before embarking on digital transformation. 


MAHAK : Like you mentioned the upcoming “Quality Revolution”, which QA Programs satisfy users during Digital Transformation?

KANIKA : Yes, as I mentioned earlier, in the era of “Quality Revolution”, the main objective of the QA programs is to protect the corporate image, increase the quality awareness, and satisfy the users from the product reliability. For this, our QA team prefers using advanced analytics data support and use all-stage quality insights to obtain end-to-end customer experiences. Other than that, we design and focus on numerous test cases for making real-time applications compatible with all devices. 

So, if you are passionate to serve quality services to your clients in the digitally transforming world, the views and experiences of professionals like Kanika will surely enlighten and help you pave your way ahead to run your business successfully in the upcoming “Quality Revolution”.


Kanika Vatsyayan

Kanika Vatsyayan is Vice-President – Delivery and Operations at BugRaptors who oversees all the quality control and assurance strategies for client engagements. She loves to share her knowledge with others through blogging. Being a voracious blogger, she published countless informative blogs to educate audience about automation and manual testing.


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