Used for testing web services, SoapUI is an advanced testing tool that is made to complement SOAP web services, HTTP based services, and RESTful Web Services. Its open-source nature and no cost model makes it a perfect companion for IT service providers. It works as a ReadyAPI that contains extra functionalities for organizations that require mission critical web services.  

Downloaded over 3 million times as one of the necessary companions for API testing services, SoapUI is presently one of the most important solutions in the market.  

In this blog, we will aim at introducing SoapUI while underlining the various implementations of the tool and the necessary system requirements that help running the tool. Besides, the blog includes a detailed step by step guide on installation of SoapUI and posting JSON to a REST Service. 

Let’s begin! 

SoapUI: Feature Introduction 

  • SoapUI is an open-source cross-platform API Testing tools. 

  • It is used for web services and web APIs of SOAP and REST interfaces. 

  • SoapUI is an advanced tool capable of working on both functional and non-functional testing. 

SoapUI: The Applications 

SoapUI is an advanced testing tool that can perform complete RESTful API and SOAP Web Service testing. The tools offer extensive implementation allowing support for functional testing, interoperability testing, performance testing, regression testing, etc. Above all, SoapUI allows simplified testing, for instance, running a load test on the tool only needs you to right click a functional test and it can easily be run as a load test.   

Besides, SoapUI can even be used to simulate web services with the advantage of recording tests and convenience of using them when required. SoapUI allows you to develop code stubs from WSDL and even enables creating REST specifications (WADL) from recorded communications. All in all, SoapUI works as a highly versatile tool that brings you all the precision you need with documentation and applications.  

System Requirements 

Being a Java-based product, SoapUI runs on almost every operating system. Whether it is any version of windows, Mac, or Linux, SoapUI runs very smoothly on any system that has 1 GB of memory, 100MB of disk space, and 1.6+ version of Java Runtime Environment.  

Besides, if you are running on standalone distributions or installer, the JRE is already included and therefore the system does not require it. Else, it is necessary that JRE must be installed and the Java_Home environment variable is defined correspondingly.  

Installation Guide for SoapUI

1. Download the SoapUI 

2. Downloaded Exe file and set up the installation 

getting familiar

3. Click on Run 

open file

4. Click on Next 

welcome soapUI

5. Select the Browser  

setup- soapUI

6. Click on Next 

select components

7. Click on Next 

select menu-soapUI

8. Installing the SoapUI software 

installing soapUI

How to Post JSON to a REST Service? 

Sample API: POST : 

GET : 


1. Open SoapUI and click on SOAP to create a New REST Project.  


soapui project

2. Provide the URL for the API you want to create a mock API.

rest api

3. Once the project is created, right click on New REST Project 1 and then click on Generate REST Mock Service. 

mock service


4. A window will open showing that mock service POST 

  • Headers & Values 
  • Name : TestingAccount 
  • Job : QA 

5. Click on run button and mock service is displayed 

run mock service

6. GET : 

request soapui

7. Click on the stop button to stop the mock service. 

Need help implementing SoapUI? Our experts at BugRaptors could help you meet your API testing goals simplifying the entire process of using SoapUI right from installation to application.  

For assistance, reach us through  

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Rajeev Verma

Rajeev works as Project Manager at BugRaptors. He is working on several Web Application , Network Vulnerability assessments, Mobile Application , Secure Network Architecture reviews. He has knowledge in various automated and manual security testing methodologies. He has also frequently coordinated with stakeholders as an on-site resource to assist them in discovering security loopholes and fixing the identified issues.


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