Why Do We Need Framework For Test Automation?


Why Do We Need Framework For Test Automation?

Plan …Why Do We Plan For Any Process?


The simplistic answer for this is to get maximum efficiency and to utilize the resources in a complete way. Let us first discuss why we automate our software product.

Automation Testing is necessary to save the rework in regression testing and for saving the time to fill multiple page lengthy forms.

By automating our products we can be assure of its already fixed functionality and also merge modules to skip the execution time of a process.

While planning for automation of a software product, its framework design is as necessary as while building a shopping mall its blue print is necessary.

What should be the entry and exit criteria, what should be the main functionality and what should be the risks while creating a shopping mall are the mandatory considerations while planning for a shopping mall.

In the same way for Automation of a Software product its framework is mandatory and need to well-planned and well executed to achieve the best case scenario.

Framework design needs to collect and specify all the requirements that are mandatory for automating a software product. The requirements should be analyzed and freeze on the basis of their feasibility.

There may be possibility that some of the requirement cannot be automated and no framework can be created for these requirements.

Let us consider a web page has a form submission with 25 fields in which 20 fields are mandatory. Before submitting the website asks to submit a captcha code which is randomly generated; in the current condition we cannot automate the webpage as framework for a captcha code cannot be created.

So, the feasibility of automation for software code plays an important role in creating frameworks for a software product.

Framework creation is beneficial to understand the cost estimation and time needed for create the automation script.

If you have created frameworks for your Software product then it would be easy for a new member to your team and would also be easy if you handed over the work to other team members.

A framework also provides the coders the complete path to track the automation of a test suite.

Framework creation is also beneficial to understand the communication between various modules and utilities of a software project.

By working with frameworks can also minimize the risk of missing any script for automation as your organization is bound to work on a lightly drawn path.

Framework also provide the enhancement to an existing system i.e. one can test future enhancements by simply adding new requirements validation to the existing frameworks.

A framework is also helpful in reducing the duplicate test suite as well as test cases.

Modularity: When you use an automated framework, all your mountain tasks are divided into small rocks which make the testing process bliss. You can easily manage them when they are all on a list.

Cost & Maintenance: When it comes to automation, maintenance is a herculean task here. There is no way that you can demand more changes from the client in the requirement. Automated test framework gives you in-detail structure which helps you in cost controlling, test data, page objects, and reporting structure etc.

Easy Reporting: Who doesn’t love automated reporting??? Nobody!!! When you opt for automation test framework, reporting becomes bliss for your testers. It will ensure a user-friendly interface and sleek reporting options.

The conclusion of above discussion on the necessity of Framework for automation can be completed by simply saying that to enhance the cost efficiency and time efficiency of your software product you must create framework for your automation scripts. We can also say that Framework provides a complete management to your automation work and delivers to you the best quality work.


Harinder Kaur

Harinder works as Automation Test Engineer at BugRaptors. She is experts in writing scripts in web driver/Behat using Cucumber, gherkin languages. She has tested the web application on multiple Browsers and OS using Automation.

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