Still wondering about the latest update offered by Apple to its iOS users and still baffled whether you need to update or not? Well, in that case, you have landed at the right place! Here’s the list of amazing features offered in the latest iOS 12 that every iPhone and iPad user ought to know.

We know the basic reason for updating the iOS version for iOS users is that the data they have in their devices should be secured according to the updated versions provided by Apple. But apart from that there many new features introduced by Apple Inc. in their latest version (iOS12) that can tempt people to update their devices.

Dive in here to know more about the features introduced in the latest update:

1. Performance

The daily life things starting from when you wake up and unlock your phone, launching phone’s apps, checking emails etc. all are going to be faster than before. Doesn’t matter if you are using iPhone or iPad, your devices will be doing its tasks faster if you have upgraded to iOS12.

The calculation has been made by Apple as:

Camera Sliding – up to 70% faster

Keyboard Display – up to 50% faster

App launching under heavy workload – up to 2 times faster.

2. FaceTiming with up to 32 people

The iOS 12 has crossed its earlier limits of calling through FaceTime. Now people with iOS 12 can FaceTime other iOS users for up to 32 people simultaneously. However, this feature is expected to be released in late 2018, but we still say this will be a big treat to iPhone users.

The Group FaceTiming could be started directly from the group thread found in Messages. You can also join an ongoing live FaceTime conversation/thread.

3. Make your messages more interesting by cartooning yourself

Move out of the monotonous conversation carrying only texts and simple smileys. Now you can create your own Animojis that suit your mood and personality. These Animojis can then be used in while sending messages and in FaceTiming. You can also easily alter the variety of Animojis offered to you to convey your messages in an interesting manner.

4. A bonus of 4 new Animojis

All the boring emojis you had on your keyboard are going to be animated. In addition to all those emojis(now animated hence called Animojis), there are 4 new Animojis to express your fun side in messages and FaceTime. The newly added Animojis are tiger, koala, T.Rex, and Ghost.

5. Make your conversations come more Alive

Now you can add personalities and use other filters to freshen up the look of your messages. Just click/record the part you wish to send, add the personalities or stickers, edit using filters and your live messages are ready to be shared in messages and on FaceTime. The filters available will be cooler than before for sure.

6. AR kit to be enjoyed with friends

Now you get a feature to share your AR objects with your friends over Messages and E-Mail. A great example of AR app in iOS is called ‘Measure’ helps people in measuring real-world objects simply by pointing their phone’s camera on them.

7. The next level of monitoring your kids

You don’t need to ask your child to swear on how long he was playing games on phone. We all know that today we have apps to help us in every work we do hence it’s very certain that we may lose track of the proper usage of the time devoted to certain apps on our phone. But, now iOS 12 offers a whole new feature of time check that can be used to monitor the usage of apps made by you and your kids on the devices.

8. Taking control of notifications just got easy

The notifications would come up individually in earlier versions of iOS(before 12.0) and that would make your screen fill up with a list of notifications on the screen very soon. In iOS 12 this thing has been taken care of by grouping the notifications related to a single app in a single tray. The notifications get grouped up according to the app and hence look much more organized.

9. Do not Disturb functionality

Going to a movie? You might not just want to get any phone calls, disturbing you. Well! We have a feature for this too. iOS 12 offers a facility to the users to switch on the Do Not Disturb mode for themselves for the various conditions.

10. Sharing photos – taken to the next level

Now your phone itself will show up the suggestions of your friends in the For You section. It intelligently suggests the people you can share your photo library with, depending on the people it finds among your pictures. So that you can’t say, ‘I forgot your name’ because their names would be displayed on the picture itself.

11. Memorizes and reminds you of photos of special events

The phone will remind you of any pictures of special events you had on a certain date. Your device will now be your best friend and will remind of your fun times, even before you start to type anything. It will fetch all the values for picture selection depending on places, events and people in pictures.

These are some of the mesmerizing features that you would be experiencing in your iOS device once you switch to the newer version of the iOS.


Achal Sharma

Achal is a seasoned Mobile Automation Lead in BugRaptors with an ISTQB certification, possessing extensive expertise in mobile automation testing. With a robust background in developing and implementing automation frameworks tailored specifically for mobile applications, Achal excels in ensuring the quality and reliability of mobile software products. His proficiency in utilizing cutting-edge automation tools and methodologies enables him to streamline testing processes and accelerate release cycles. Achal's leadership skills, coupled with his commitment to delivering high-quality solutions, make him a valuable asset in driving mobile automation initiatives and achieving organizational goals effectively.


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