Quality Engineering: The New Way of Enhancing Media Apps


By Shaifali Sharma

Quality Engineering: The New Way of Enhancing Media Apps

According to a report by, only in the US, the cost of poor-quality software in 2018 was $2.8 trillion.   

Whether you realize it or not, every firm in the globe is involved in quality engineering. The struggle to provide high quality is inherent in the mere act of producing a good or service. Neglecting quality has nearly always resulted in disaster.  

In this blog, we will aim at discussing the concept of quality engineering in detail while understanding how the effective application of media app testing services could complement the media goals of the future.  

Let’s begin! 

Quality Engineering: Definition & More 

A collection of approaches, procedures, and ideas that assists companies in enhancing their operational processes so that their goods and services meet a given standard of quality is called Quality Engineering.  

Quality Engineering In Software Testing for media Apps: A New  Paradigm 

The software industry has witnessed that the corrective strategy advised by quality assurance and quality control finding defects after they have already been introduced and resolving them has reached its limits.  

A proactive, preventive approach to developing quality systems, known as quality engineering, provides a solution to the quality issue that software development, in general, and product development, in particular, are currently facing.  

  • Functional Quality: It implies Knowing the functionality of a software solution or product one should readily know the answer to the question Does your software perform as anticipated? Is it in accordance with a design specification?  

  • Structural Quality: This implies the aspects that deal with non-functional attributes of the software. For example, Is the software secure? Is it robust and easy to maintain?  

Since the turn of the 20th century, the media and entertainment industry has witnessed several revolutionary transformations. So, as we slowly enter the new century, we can already see the beginnings of the next transformation.  

The traditional media and entertainment channels are disappearing to make room for new, largely digital outlets. Customers and enterprises in the M&E industry have been impacted by the media's digital transition similarly.  

Customers have, however, responded favourably to this change, forcing businesses to adjust to this new normal. Although it may seem like a double whammy for businesses, there is also a chance for companies to rise to the top and outperform rivals.  

Customers have a variety of options in this fast-paced, cutthroat society. The businesses involved in the M&E sector are aware of this occurrence and wish to take advantage of it.  

Organisations must accept this transition and should go ahead in enhancing the media and entertainment sector's digital transformation process if they want to emerge from this digital upheaval better than their competitors.  

How does Quality Engineering work As A Catalyst?  

There are several ways businesses can expedite this process, but quality engineering is undoubtedly at the top.  

To illustrate how quality engineering is crucial for QA and product development teams in the media industry to implement digital transformation in their organizations successfully, let’s understand the following points.  

Media and entertainment are no exception to the disruption caused by automation and artificial intelligence in many other industries. AI is being used by the majority of digital platforms to automate repetitive processes in manufacturing and delivery.  

We are in the midst of a digital revolution as a result of the tremendous advancements in AI. However, attaining this revolution would be a pipe dream without high-quality engineering.  

One of the main obstacles for businesses in the media sector has been guaranteeing a seamless, quality-driven service delivery. Quality engineering can be the ideal combination to assist firms in achieving a comprehensive digital transformation when combined with AI and automation.  

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The following are some of the most typical quality engineering domains where AI-enabled automation has improved and revolutionized how the media industry operates:  

  • Hyper Customization  

A noticeable shift in consumer behaviour over the past few years has been the increase in content consumption from OTT and other online platforms as opposed to going to theatres. Additionally, this change has increased with the growing use of AI-enabled automation technologies, forcing organisations to adopt it or risk becoming obsolete.  

Adopting AI-based automation has key results, like hyper-customisation. Users receive material based on what they have already viewed or searched for, thanks to such high levels of personalization. These highly customized user experiences have allowed every online platform, whether it be Netflix or YouTube, to grow its customer base and revenue.  

  • Content Moderation & Categorization  

Due to the internet's ease of use, a number of poor content providers have turned to digital platforms as futile. Even though this issue is prevalent on social networking platforms, OTT platforms and online video streaming are not immune to it.  

Additionally, the majority of the content (movies and series) that is immediately released on OTT platforms needs to be organised and classified according to the preferences of the audience. AI assists in classifying them based on factors such as age, genre, language, duration (short or long), etc.  

These internet platforms receive several new submissions (content) every day or every week. Therefore moderation and categorization both need to be quite precise. Quality engineering is the only way companies can get help in this situation.  

  • Automated Transcription  

The limits of creativity are endless! A successful film or online TV show draws viewers from all around the world. However, if not the language, the subtitles must be included to make the information understandable to a worldwide audience for greater viewer engagement.  

AI-enabled natural language processing technologies can be quite helpful in this regard. However, QA teams must evaluate these cutting-edge technologies before making them available to viewers. A typical testing methodology cannot produce the needed results, in this case, hence AI-based software testing must be used.  

In addition to AI, various technology integrations in quality engineering have significantly transformed the media industry's digital landscape.  

  • Cloud Adoption  

Every aspect of the media sector has undergone digital transformation, whether it be service delivery or storage. Further modernizing how businesses manage and keep data on remote computers is the rise of cloud technologies.  

With quicker, easier processes, some top M&E organizations employ the cloud to increase operational effectiveness and decrease complexity. Utilizing cloud technology also enables M&E companies to quickly and affordably respond to the erratic customer demand for content.  

The seamless implementation of pertinent partner services or simple third-party integration in payment gateways is made possible by cloud technology. For instance, you must have seen multiple offers in an OTT platform for free monthly memberships upon purchasing a particular partner's good or service. Such cross-platform service offers are also made possible by cloud technologies.  

  • Compatibility Across All Channels

Cross-platform viewing has emerged as a key criterion as media and entertainment organisations explore new storytelling paradigms. In addition, people are increasingly likely to consume material (including movies) from the convenience of their homes due to changes in lifestyle. Comprehensive cross-platform and cross-browser testing would probably remove most of the obstacles, but not all of them. QA and development teams may overcome these obstacles and successfully manage to provide best-in-class service to their worldwide audience with the help of customized quality engineering frameworks.  

  • Data Privacy & Security  

To better understand customer habits and preferences, significant firms in the M&E sector today need direct access to all client information. However, access to such massive data sets, including financial data on users—increases the threats to data security and privacy.  

Furthermore, internet hackers are developing along with technology. Therefore, M&E firms cannot benefit significantly from the standard security testing methods. However, using quality engineering approaches, such as vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, QA teams may accurately analyze the overall system security.  

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Wrapping Up 

There's been a massive transformational wave across the media industry with the rapid digitalisation of technologies and dynamic consumer demands. While all the focus is on quality, Leveraging a quality engineering service provider has become a must.  

Bugraptors’ Quality engineering solutions for media and entertainment companies are helping them understand the need for the ultimate user experiences with the help of testing and QA strategies.  

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Shaifali Sharma

Shaifali is an ISTQB certified QA engineer, working at BugRaptors. She is a testing professional having diverse exposure in various projects and application testing with comprehensive understanding of all aspects of SDLC. She is well versed with Manual testing, Mobile application testing, performance testing, load testing, Web applications testing and able to create effective documentation related to testing like test case, test report etc.

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