Effective Ways Followed By QA To Speed Up The Software Release Process


By Achal Sharma

Effective Ways Followed By QA To Speed Up The Software Release Process

Software testing is a process of improving the quality of developed software by finding bugs during the whole software application development phase. QA plays a very crucial role in delivering quality software into the market and also helps in organization overall growth. There are several ways through which QA helps in delivering software faster.

i) Regression Ensures Quality In Less Time:

One of the most important methodologies in software testing is Regression Testing.  It a type of software testing which confirms a recent change in code does not affect any existing features. It is continuous testing process in which previous executed test scenarios are also re-executed when there is any code change.  It also detects undesirable issues which are occurred due to any change in operating environment. To make the product stable in its final stage, regression testing plays a very important role which makes the software good to go to the market. Also, automation of regression test suite helps in delivering quality software.

ii) Automation Saves Manual Time:

Test cases can be converted into test scripts(automated) during application development. This helps in increasing overall test coverage along with reducing the manual efforts. It also increases the Reusability of test scripts when the OS or device changes. Automation also helps in finding defects during the early stages of application development which helps in reducing overall expenses and also working time which is required to fix issues. It supports more devices simultaneously with different specifications or OS. It also generates detailed reports in lesser time with the exact same parameters.

iii) Production Testing Ensures Less Time To Market:

Testing in production is a significant way to check performance of the software with real data. It helps in determining application’s performance in real time and determines how application behaves in weak connections or network failure.  It also uncovers the defects and malicious attacks which remains undetected while testing in QA environment. The testing team should also include production test scenarios in their testing cycle. In order to maintain quality of software, QA team must ensure testing in production environment must be regularly checked. A checklist is created with all major production functionalities of the application should be executed in every test cycle. It also ensures quality of the software for better user experience.

iv) Performance Testing Brings Confidence On System Overloading:

Performance testing helps in validating the performance of application on different load conditions. It helps in finding various functionality errors under load. Performance team run tests when the product becomes stable and also able to identify the performance risk areas when new versions and features are introduced. Performance testing plays crucial role in making every transaction quickly and executed in very less time which every product owner expects from his/her product. A crash would occur if the performance team hadn't tested the environment. Performance testing also helps in identifying if any hardware or production configuration needs any improvement before new software released on live environment.

v) Proactive QA:

In current times, QA also takes responsibility in delivering end user feedback along with testing feedback to the development team. QA acts a bridge between stake holders and team by participating during design discussions. QA also helps to shape the software from its very initial development phase by communication between development team and stake holders. This helps a lot in managing different teams and their work. It allows customers to cut the cost by managing resources and also helps teams to deliver a software product on time and within budget.

vi) Security Prevents Loopholes:

Security Testing ensures all applications in an organization should not have any loopholes which may result in leaking the confidential information to any employees or outsiders. Nowadays, most of the applications store all its data on servers so it’s very important to perform security testing before each releases. Main aim of Security testing is to ensure confidential data stays confidential. QA plays a role of the attacker aims to find security related bugs.


Achal Sharma

Achal works as QA engineer in BugRaptors. He is well versed with manual testing, mobile application testing, game testing, compatibility testing , Regression testing and sanity testing and able to create effective documentation related to testing like test case, test report etc.

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