Digital Assurance And Digital Engineering:  The Vitals Of Digital Transformation


By Achal Sharma

Digital Assurance And Digital Engineering: The Vitals Of Digital Transformation

Digital Assurance And Digital Engineering

Digital transformation has become vital for enterprises to stay alive and robust in a competitive and fierce market landscape. With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, business leaders are now considering the acceleration in shifting to digital business as the most critical priority in the coming years. Besides, advanced business organizations are using their digital capabilities to help their business be adaptable, creative, and resilient. 

At BugRaptors, we have been constantly involved in delivering Quality Assurance Solutions that have helped businesses from diverse verticals to foster their digital goals. And therefore, it becomes much more important for us to upgrade our digital efforts in order to redefine the virtual quality landscape. Be it software, applications, or websites, driving the best needs us to pair digital assurance and digital engineering.  

In this blog, we will be aiming to shed more light on the concept of digital transformation with respect to digital assurance and digital engineering. The blog will highlight digital assurance and digital engineering in detail while underlining the fact how they contribute to the digital transformation.  

Let’s begin! 

The Importance Of Digital Transformation 

Today, most businesses work from the omnichannel interface such as social media, analytics and the cloud. In order to process this in a good way, companies need a robust IT infrastructure, better customer experience, increased operational efficiency, and enhanced business capabilities. The change can be achieved by leveraging the measures for digital transformation. Digital transformation helps the organizations in:  

  • Automating and standardizing workflows 

  • Being flexible and responsive to the changes 

  • Turning the processes into agile 

  • Enhancing and delivering a more reliable customer experience 

  • Increase in return of investment that is ROI 

  • Increasing and sustaining profitability 

Today the level of competition has seen a commensurate increase in all forms. This is why quality and customer experience are becoming centre stage where companies need to focus. For companies to stay afloat in the competitive market, they did need to deliver products of high quality. Along with that, they need to adapt to the latest trends and add new features in functionalities to the existing products. This ultimately means upgrading their workflows and making them quality complaints through digital Assurance and digital engineering. 

Quality assurance and testing practices must be able to adapt to digital business so as to accelerate the development rather than slowing it. The quality assurance teams need to focus on customer needs. Also,  the QA team needs to speak the language of the customer so as to get involved with new technology projects at the ideational stage. Later they should line up and manage test data before it is required and ultimately foster within the developers to do much of the testing themselves. 

Digital Assurance: Definition & Its Impact 

Digital Assurance, in simple terms, is a set of QA (Quality Assurance procedures that ensures smooth interactions between various components of digital ecosystems. When we say digital ecosystem, it implies cloud stack, mobile analytics, and even social media.  

How Digital Assurance Helps In Digital Transformation? 

From streamlining workflows to augmented capacities, accelerated delivery of products, and superior customer experiences; everything can be gained with the help of digital assurance services.  

However, just merely talking about digital transformation won’t help until and unless the process of digital Assurance is carried out. Moreover, agile and DevOps methodologies of software development testing delivery, it’s becoming a game-changer, and with this, the science of digital assurance solutions has become even sharper.  

  • Digital assurance is important to create value for any business so as to deliver a consistent customer experience across all the digital channels. The end-to-end digital Assurance and testing can help businesses to unlock the value of the digital economy and business. In this case, if leveraged properly, the companies can span operations and experience conversions performance and security. 

  • Digital assurance is the ultimate way of ensuring cyber security. There’s a surge in cybercrimes happening all over the software companies. This can lead to faulty situations like missing data or even faulty communications. In this case, digital QA can identify the bottlenecks or glitches present in the system and work on mitigating them immediately. 

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  • Reduction in costs can also be achieved by digital Assurance. It’s often said that the longer a glitch or an error remains undetected in the software, the longer and the more costly it becomes to be get fixed. Therefore,  by employing robust digital quality assurance and testing professionals, an enterprise or an organization can save lots of money. 

  • At the end of the day, all that matters is the word and loyalty of customers. It all can be gained through a good customer experience. Poor customer experience can cause dissatisfaction and break the chain of your loyal customers. In this case, digital Assurance and testing can help result in bringing more satisfied customers who can further recommend the product or brand to others. 

Digital Engineering: Definition & Its Impact 

An Everest Group Report Suggested that 53% of organizations fail to provide any business value from their digital transformation efforts. Digital engineering is much more than the development in technology. It is the art of creating, capturing, and integrating data using a digital skillset. Also, digital engineering has opened the gate for many more possibilities and opportunities. 

Digital engineering is a way that enables an exponential business transformation of enterprises across products, services, and business models for a step-change in business and operational performance by leveraging the power of software data connectivity and new technologies. 

How Is Digital Engineering Vital To Digital Transformation? 

We have already discussed that enterprises all over are striving so hard to make an exceptional and exponential jump in performance by leveraging digital transformation. They want to work on the performance in terms of business revenue profitability, operations productivity, new launches, quality user satisfaction, and much more. But more often these days, enterprises are encountering bottlenecks in the transformation programs at a huge rate. However, digital engineering is exploring how it can help enterprises in their exponential digital transformation journey. 

Therefore, organizations today should: 

  • Believe in making a strong foundation of digital engineering for their exponential success in the ways of digital transformation 

  • Be well aware of auditing and identifying areas where digital engineering can remove bottlenecks and add more value 

  • Work with engineering partners who have very deep expertise in the field 

  • Constantly iterate with new insights and technology-related changes with time. 

How Digital Engineering Can Improve Digital Transformation? 

For the scalability of digital transformation measures, digital engineering expertise at scale is very crucial. It can be ignored for a small project, but it is really essential for enterprise digital transformation at a huge scale: 

  • With the help of digital engineering, companies can have the ability to create 3D models that can enhance the analysis of geotechnical elements and issue resolution. This way, they can support the unable development of virtual and augmented reality solutions. 

  • It overall improves visualization and stakeholder engagement which ultimately adds value to your company or foundation. 

  • Digital engineering helps the companies to provide the right information to the right people and also at the right time to enable better decision making and outcomes that will contribute to the productivity games and, of course, the operational efficiencies. 

  • Support your organization across the digital lifecycle from defining a solid digital engineering foundation to securely building your online and mobile presence using agile methods that move swiftly from concept to reality. 


It is really essential for any organization to opt for digital Assurance and digital engineering practices to achieve digital transformation and stay afloat in the competition. For this, it is also important to leverage a reliable service provider that will help the organization achieve the end number of benefits the above-defined measures hold.  

Nevertheless, Digital transformation is the need; it is the future. And achieving reduced time to market, better quality, scalability, etc., can only be achieved through careful implementation of the above-defined practices. And if you are struggling to meet your digital transformation goals by sticking to digital assurance solutions and digital engineering benchmarks, feel free to reach our experts at BugRaptors.  

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Achal Sharma

Achal works as QA engineer in BugRaptors. He is well versed with manual testing, mobile application testing, game testing, compatibility testing , Regression testing and sanity testing and able to create effective documentation related to testing like test case, test report etc.

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