BugRaptors in the list of Top Developers as Global Leaders in delivering Exceptional Services


BugRaptors in the list of Top Developers as Global Leaders in delivering Exceptional Services

One of the renowned B2B reviews and rating platform Clutch recently revealed a list of top development companies across the globe. The report recognized numerous companies on the basis of their services, commitment, and verified client feedback.

BugRaptors was highlighted among the top 200 companies as one of the promising quality analysis and software testing service providers in the world! The competitors in this annual report were analyzed on the similar parameters like client satisfaction, quality of services, and market reputation.

As per the experts, the development category of Clutch is one of the competitive categories in which more than 1000 companies were participants. The different categories included software development, quality analysis, and many more! BugRaptors was one of the prominent service providers that meet the exact standards set by Clutch for a recognized brand that can be nominated for the list of a global leader in delivering exceptional services.

The annual survey is conducted on different parameters and more than 1000 companies are considered for the same. Whether it is web development, software development, or software testing company, there are diverse consideration factors that determine the overall worth of a company.

It is quite challenging for a company to get qualified for the Clutch’s global survey, and to get into the top 200 names is an achievement in itself. Furthermore, the market experts eventually considered the past record of different companies to get precise information about their worth.

About the Report

The report contained precise information about the classifications, applications, and market definitions that are necessarily important to maintain a reputation in the market. The exact company profiles, their overall experience, and a number of projects delivered were some important aspects that were covered in the report.

Apart from this, there were some other important aspects covered in the report that highlighted some market players in the world. BugRaptors managed to get the title of one of the global leaders in the market that holds a great reputation in delivering outstanding services to their clients.

About the Company

BugRaptors is a renowned company that deals with services that ensure quality analysis and performance testing for diverse business needs. BugRaptors offers top-notch test automation solutions that harmonize every business needs.

The company prioritizes delivering exceptional services through a dedicated team of professionals that are always ready to serve them with best in class services. As per the officials of the company, their software testing and quality analysis team has eventually proven themselves and maintained their market reputation.

It is a great achievement for the company to witness their name etched in the list of top 200 global leaders in providing the finest software testing and QA services.

News Source: Clutch



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