Today, millions of professionals are working, collaborating and innovating in remote workplaces. This new normal is the result of the covid-19 pandemic. However, it's undeniable to say that this all has been made possible due to the huge investment that companies have made in the process of their digital transformation.  

Digital transformation is among the fastest-growing technology/service clusters. Stats by IDC shows that by 2023, digital transformation will account for more than half of global ICT spending. It implies that first time ever in history, organizations will have invested more in digital transformation than in all.  

Also, The world is moving toward everything evolved digitally with no signs of a decrease in this acceleration. This pace of adoption and fierce competition is pushing businesses of all sorts to widen and speed the innovation process, and this will allow them to reach a wider audience with distinct experiences, thereby allowing them to increase CX.  

With the increase in digital and technological advancements, there has been a surge in cloud testing services. Cloud computing facilitates easy data accessibility, efficiency, and consistency in reducing management efforts and much more. It ultimately, in this way, helps to accelerate digital transformation. By leveraging Cloud computing services, companies can ensure high-quality product delivery on time. 

This is where testing cloud applications becomes crucial. This is why delivering quality outcomes with the help of the Cloud is the way for businesses to sustain the hyper-active, technology-driven, and competitive business landscape. 

It is essential for companies to know that DevOps, Quality assurance, and testing strategies are basic components of digital transformation.  

In this blog, we will learn about what is cloud testing and how cloud testing accelerates digital transformation activities with efficient testing and digital quality assurance strategies. 

Let’s begin!!  

Cloud Testing: The Definition 

Also termed Cloud-based Testing, cloud testing is a kind of software testing wherein the web, or mobile-based applications leverage Cloud Computing environments so as to create real-world user traffic and environment. Cloud Testing is being widely considered and used for its specific strength areas, specifically for Digital Transformation. 

How Can Cloud Testing Bring Digital Transformation?  

Digital Transformation, in the true sense, involves anything and everything! Software testing involves right from building applications to launching them in the market and getting feedback to further update the applications in real time. Cloud Testing, with its numerous benefits, accelerates and enhances various levels of Digital Transformation, helping companies to reduce the time to deliver in-market and ensure quality in the overall process. 

  • Seamlessness 

With a seamless and hassle-free Internet connection, the devices and applications can be accessed at any time and from anywhere. This further allows one to make changes and update applications in real-time. Meanwhile, we can say that there is no need for investment in hardware which makes the testing and development activity more flexible. Business Agility requires making strategic moves like LIVE updates, making LIVE changes within the user environment, and much more. This all again is facilitated with cloud-based testing.  

  • Access To Infrastructure 

Today, most businesses run on such strategies, mindsets, and procedures that are highly cost-effective.   In fact, companies expect the QA testers to practice methods and approaches that would ensure effectiveness in terms of the cost of testing.  Cloud testing, in this case, enables teams to access infrastructure and testing tools from any place and time, therefore, allowing them to upgrade the software or apps accordingly.  

  • Resource Availability 

Unlimited availability of resources is one of the best values that the Cloud brings for enterprises to successfully leverage Digital Technologies, thereby fostering digital advancements. In this way, companies can build applications/software that is highly scalable and resilient at the same time.  

  • Scope For Innovation 

It is really important for companies to keep innovating and developing their application on a regular basis to ensure that they are dwelling well with the pace of digital transformation. The various process like  Agile and DevOps are being leveraged to ensure that Continuous Development is followed by Continuous Testing and possibly Continuous Integration.  

Cloud Testing is a constant supporter of Agile as it facilitates a platform encouraging collates and also helps the teams to stay on the same page. It ultimately leads to  Continuous Integration by ensuring that the latest developed fragments are being deployed faster and teams are staying on schedule to deliver services well on time. With the constant availability of a test environment, teams are able to test the applications for performance, functionality, security, and scalability as well. 

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  • Personalization 

By leveraging Cloud-based testing, one can make the infrastructure work according to their ways. You can incorporate the LIVE user experiences within your testing requirements. This way, you can ensure that the Cloud environment provides you with the necessary components to test the pertinent application. 

  • Speed 

It offers the testers to test multiple aspects at a time by multiple testers. For example, you can conduct functional tests as well as load tests to identify or know the capabilities of the application. This kind of flexibility is not possibly be achieved in a physical or traditionally built infrastructure. This can enable teams to achieve higher quality standards and maximize test coverage, thereby making them digitally more advanced. 

  • Efficiency 

With the ever-changing needs and choices of consumers, entities are taking a step backward to gauge the abilities of their applications/services. Hence, there is pressure to polish the processes and methodologies in order to build a stronger application.  

Processes like Agile and DevOps help teams to grow faster and achieve many relevant and efficient results. Cloud Testing gives testing and development teams the flexibility to test the applications as per their needs and requirements. 

Wrapping Up!!  

Digital Advancements can be achieved by ensuring flexibility and business agility, and this can be hence achieved by cloud-based testing. This can be achieved by bringing in ways or methods that support better workflows, fast delivery, and increased turnaround time. Cloud-based service providers, in many ways, ensure the delivery of the same. 

Here, at Bugraptors, we ensure Digital assurance and advancement with the help of testing solutions. We aim to address the multi-faceted needs of digital transformation testing. We offer cloud-based testing that not only encompasses the digital requirements but also ensures efficient results and delivery. 

For more information, connect with our experts to ensure that your Digital Transformation initiatives are good to go!! 

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Shaifali Sharma

Shaifali Sharma is an ISTQB certified web automation lead with a passion for ensuring software quality through robust testing methodologies. With a strong background in automation testing frameworks and tools, she excels in designing, implementing, and executing automated test suites to streamline the software development process. Her dedication to continuous learning and staying updated with the latest trends in automation testing enables her to deliver high-quality solutions that meet the evolving needs of the industry. Shaifali's commitment to excellence and her collaborative approach makes her a valuable asset to any software automation team.


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