Cloud Load Testing Strategy to Enhance Your Business


By Taranbir Kaur

Cloud Load Testing Strategy to Enhance Your Business

When we are implementing load tests, we need to penetrate into the system to evaluate how the system behaves under test for network, CPU, I/O, Exceptions, etc. In addition, we want detailed diagnostics when things break. Moreover, we need to define VUM i.e. Virtual User Minute:

  • One minute of load testing of one virtual user
  • Constant load 25 users in 3 minutes
  • 25*3=75 VUM
  • Also calculate the costing:

Example, Run a test for 1 hour to simulate to 10,000 users: 60*10,000=600000*0.0004 = $240

Do You Want to Move Your Application to the Cloud?

We all know that the conventional business applications have been dependably extremely tricky and expensive as the number of equipment i.e. servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics and more are required in terms of variety and running them is a challenging part. You require an entire group of specialists to introduce, arrange, test, run, secure, and restore them.

Cloud computing is the cost-effective technology, which is the solution to all our problems and is considered to be very promising and beneficial. It is making changes in the way applications are deployed, monitored and utilized by the clients. To users, Cloud offers a virtual pool, which has infinite resources for computing, storage and networking resources where applications can be scaled as per client’s needs. But while using any cloud-based service we need to carefully look upon quality, security, latency, reliability, bandwidth etc.

While performing cloud load testing, we need to keep three major points in mind:

  • How will the application behave in front of the expected users load?
  • What is the point of users load that will break your application?
  • Will the application be able to scale up to the expected future capacity?

Why Load Testing?

Load testing helps pinpoint and diagnose problems that affect an application’s performance, scalability, and reliability. There are many kinds of load testing, each of which addresses a specific problem area.

When to Perform a Load Test?

Software defects are up to 100 times more expensive to correct at the end of a software development lifecycle than at the beginning. So the earlier that load testing can be conducted, the sooner that defects or architectural issues can be found and costs are minimized.

Today’s typical multi-tier applications have separate tiers for presentation, business, and data logic, plus potential legacy integrations. So cloud testing can be applied at different phases in the lifecycle to maximum benefit.

What are the Benefits of Cloud Load Testing?

  • No need to set up our own infrastructure and maintain it.
  • You can get the infrastructure in the cloud whenever you need it.
  • Use the same load test project which you use for on-premises today
  • Scale-out easily in case of doing stress testing.

BugRaptor’s load testing team offers a solution to improve the scale and realism of load testing while saving time and lowering costs. Even with all its advantages, cloud testing itself cannot meet all the challenges.

In practice, the most effective use of cloud testing can be achieved by combining internal load testing in a two-stage process that will make use of multiple cloud providers. In selecting a cloud testing solution, always keep in mind that the key factor in your success will not be simply the move to the cloud itself, but rather the tool you use and how well it utilizes cloud technology.


Taranbir Kaur

Taranbir is ISTQB certified QA engineer, works in BugRaptors. She has handful of experience in Web testing, Mobile testing, cloud based application testing, cross platform testing, Exploratory testing, Regression testing and compatibility testing. Well versed in creating test scripts, test reports etc.

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