The Most Captivating Features of iOS 10


By Prince Sharma

The Most Captivating Features of iOS 10

1. Apple Mail

Fast Unsubscribe: Emails which you have not unsubscribed will be displayed at the top of list with an “Unsubscribe” button.

Unread Only: Now you can see all the unread mails by changing the default setting to ‘Filtered by: Unread’.

Quick Actions: Now if you will swipe left on a message in the new threaded view it will reveal quick actions such as, reply, trash and flag.

2. Apple Maps

Find the parked Car: Siri drops a pin at the location you stop and automatically detects when you’re driving, so you can easily discover it later.

Roads without tolls: There is a new catch up apple maps feature. Now while setting up a route, you can avoid the road with tolls.

Location Suggestions: In iOS 10, when you go into a calendar event, locations will be suggested automatically using Apple Maps.

3. Apps (In General)

App Widgets: Shortcut: 3D Touch on an app that supports widgets and you will get a preview of the widget and the option to quickly add it, along with the usual 3D Touch shortcuts.

Prioritize App Installs: when installing new apps or restoring a device you can long press on any app which you want to download on the homescreen and a ‘Prioritize Download’ option will be displayed and you can save your time by selecting it.

Hide Unwanted Apps: iOS 10 now lets users delete any stock app they don’t want. This works the same way as deleting third party apps. You need to just long press on any app and hit the “x” cross button, they can be brought back from “Settings”.

4. Camera

Continue the Music: In previous iOS versions whenever someone opens the camera while listening to music, the music automatically get stopped but in iOS 10, now you can listen to the music and record or capture video from the camera too at the same time.

Bedtime Reminders: Now you can select what time you want to go to sleep and also select how much sleep do you want?

5. Apple Music

Optimized Storage: Apple Music settings now allow you to automatically free up space by eliminating downloaded tracks you haven’t listened to after a predefined period. Go to: Settings -> Music -> Downloads. They can always be re-downloaded later.

Smart Downloads: Go to Settings -> Music -> Downloads and switch on ‘Automatic Downloads’ and you will find any album can be speedily downloaded by pressing the ‘+Add’ button. It is quite useful for those who do a lot of offline listening.

6. Control Center

Calculator Memory: Touch the calculator icon in the Control Center and save precious time by copying the answer of your last calculation.

Camera shortcuts: 3D Touch options have been stretched to introduce particular shooting modes for the camera icon in the Control Center.

Home & Music Hidden: Control Center in iOS 10, no longer displays music controls on its main screen. To access this you have to swipe left and you will get shortcuts for the Home app by swiping it once more to the left.

7. ‘Close All’ Shortcuts

Safari: Close All Tabs: Quickly close your browser tabs on iPads with a long press on the Tab View button, which introduce the close all tabs options. iPhones require an extra step. Firstly, open Tab View then long press on ‘Done’ to create the option.

Notifications: In iOS 10, you can delete them all at once with a 3D Touch iPhone. Just press hard on the X at the top of the list and you will get a ‘Clear All’ option.

8. Unlock – Old School

Reestablish Touch to Unlock: iOS 10 wants users to physically press the home button to unlock their devices rather than just make contact with the fingerprint scanner. If you want to change this, go to: Settings > General > Accessibility > Home Button and enable: ‘Rest Finger to Open’ to get the old method back.

9. iMessage

Read Receipts: You can now set notifications for when your messages to other iMessage users have been read.

Image Search: When writing a message, select the App Store icon and you will be redirected to an images page and you can search for anything you want.

So these are some of the new features you will find in iOS 10 (one of the biggest update by APPLE so far according to them)


Prince Sharma

Prince works as Games Test Engineer at BugRaptors. He is an expert in Mobile Games testing, Flash games and PC games in all platforms like iOS, Android, Window mobile and PC platforms such as Windows & Mac.

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