Clutch Spotlight: BugRaptors' Shining Women Leaders

Clutch Spotlight: BugRaptors' Shining Women Leaders

Recently, the very popular B2B reviewing and rating platform, Clutch, has introduced the new hashtag #YesWomenCan, which goes viral on LinkedIn with women-owned businesses come into the spotlight.   

BugRaptors Women, Yashu Kapila also expressed her ideas and views about its Software Testing Company and shares how her company is committed to recruiting women in all teams and ensuring that everyone will have the best work-life balance and flexibility at the same time in their work lives. The CEO and Founder of BugRaptors, Yashu Kapila, said in her video, ‘Money and Success are great, but maintaining a perfect work-life balance is equally important. I intended to carry the same thought toward my team, especially for the working mothers’.  

About BugRaptors – Mentioned over Clutch   

BugRaptors is a global leader in QA and Software Testing Services and aims to give superior solutions to its partners and customers worldwide. BugRaptors has gained extensive experience as a third-party testing company and renowned as CMMI Level 5 brand to offer mobile and web test automation solutions, security testing, game testing services, Agile and DevOps testing, ERP testing, Big Data Testing, Installation Testing, and many other automation testing services to various business verticals or domains. BugRaptors’ strategic plans, collaboration, and quality commitments surpass clients’ expectations, especially for those seeking high-quality and cost-effective outsourced software testing solutions.  

In 2019, Clutch listed BugRaptors as one of the top 200 leading development in the world. It was a proud moment for BugRaptors because, at that time, many of its competitors were also analyzed on similar parameters like quality of services, client satisfaction, and market reputation. Yet, the experts at BugRaptors proved to Clutch that they are more than enough to validate the software solutions effectively and fulfill the customer’s digital transformation objectives with QA services.   

What Do You Need to Know about Clutch?  

Clutch is the reputed and leading ratings and reviews platform for Business Service Providers, IT, and Marketing. It helps you find top firms to get your next project done and makes it easier for you to make many business decisions confidently. Whether it is the matter of finding web and software development companies, mobile app development, or software testing companies, Clutch is the one-stop platform for professionals who are looking for quality-made and error-free apps, software, and websites. Based on the rating and company’s reviews, you can choose BugRaptors that is the best software testing service provider for your business needs.    

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