Manifest Marks BugRaptors As Top Software Testing Companies In India

Manifest Marks BugRaptors As Top Software Testing Companies In India

The Manifest Ranks BugRaptors on the top List of Software Testing Companies in India. The Manifest is the sister company of Clutch launched in February 2018 with a mission to help businesses build an online reputation. 

BugRaptors is the top leader in QA solutions and software testing services. An award-winning CMMI-level company helps enterprises achieve their digital transformation goals with QA solutions and ensure to meet both implicit and explicit requirements.   

Whether it is any startup or a very popular software company, BugRaptors is the #1 choice of many businesses due to its passion for keeping customers ahead through reliable testing solutions. Our featured services are Automation Testing, Manual Testing, ERP Testing, Security Testing, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Testing Services, Performance Testing, Compatibility Testing, and many more. Our agile-based testing solutions help customers with a more than 30% reduction in time to release products, 0% defect leakage, and 100% flexibility.   

To build a long-lasting and trustworthy relationship with potential clients, BugRaptors allows you to check its position in the list of Top 100 Software Testing Companies in India.   

The Manifest mentions BugRaptors

The organization was founded in 2016 with a highly specialized team of application testers. Moreover, BugRaptors always value ticket-based and regression testing because when it comes to integrating the new features in any web app, regression testing is always needed to ensure that the project is working fine and bug-free.   

All You Need to Know About The Manifest   

The Manifest is a trusted review platform that helps businesses find reputed and most experienced software testing companies or IT service providers so that they can easy to get their project done. Based on the research of top business service providers in the development, marketing, design, and IT industries, the experts of The Manifest place BugRaptors on the Top and make it one of the recognized software testing companies in India.   

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