QA At Its Best: BugRaptors Gets the ISO 27001 Certification

QA At Its Best: BugRaptors Gets the ISO 27001 Certification

BugRaptors is now certified as a leading ISO 27001 Certified Company that provides exceptional software testing and quality analysis services. The company holds great expertise in providing the best services in the domain of software testing and has been providing certification for its suitable security standards and privacy policies. BugRaptors is currently dealing with top-notch automation and manual testing services for diverse international clients.

The company is in compliance with the international standards set for maintaining the privacy of the clients that are expecting out of the box software testing services. BugRaptors is also an ISO 9001 certified company that delivers quality services in all aspects to the clients that are mostly located overseas.

Whether it is the desktop application testing or web application performance testing services, BugRaptors clutches great expertise in delivering the finest services that harmonize different client needs. Known for their finest client satisfactory services, BugRaptors have always been among the leading software testing service providers for mobile application, desktop application, and web applications.

About the Certification

The international certification for information security i.e. the ISO 27001 certification is provided to the companies that maintain complete privacy. The companies like BugRaptors strictly maintain a privacy policy in which the client details aren’t revealed to the third-party service providers at any instance.

The company is now an ISO 27001 certified company that offers the best in class services to different domains in a way that it harmonizes their business needs. The certification is provided by analyzing numerous aspects including quality services, the privacy policy, and use of personal information.

As per the company’s media head, BugRaptors is a renowned name in delivering reliable testing services for the international clients that are always on a hunt for the finest services that can ensure adequate performance of their application. The professionals at BugRaptors are prominent enough to cater to diverse business requirements with ease, which is perhaps the reason why most of the clients only rely on us.

Whether it is the performance testing or load testing of an application, one can expect out of the box services and quality assurance solutions from the panel of experts with years of experience. Apart from this, the company ensures that its employees are well-versed with the latest trends in quality analysis.

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