Making It to The Top Software Testing Companies List by Designrush

Making It to The Top Software Testing Companies List by Designrush

Top Software Testing Companies List by Designrush

Adding Another Milestone to A Progressive Journey 

Known for delivering extraordinary quality assurance solutions, Bugraptors is a renowned name in the global software testing industry. However, it always feels very motivating when you get recognized for your efforts.  

Recently, Bugraptors got listed as one of the top software testing companies by Designrush, which is one of the leading and highly reliable listing platforms.  

With an objective to complement the search of users on the web looking for any kind of technical assistance, Designrush works on identifying the top-performing service providers in order to simplify the research of their audience. 

This time, Designrush aimed to list the top software testing companies from around the world based on their online presence, reviews, customer feedback, online reports, and ratings across different listing channels.  

At Bugraptors, we always work on intensifying our services offered to ensure we can cater to the varying requirements of clients who need to align with their digital assurance and quality goals. Besides, we always aim to take the most personalized solutions to anyone who collaborates with BugRaptors with an objective to create a more dynamic digital impression.  

Over the years, we have not only aimed at introducing advanced tech stack and methodologies but have aimed to reach every industry which is making its way towards digital transformation through quality revolution.  

We are extremely grateful to Designrush for considering our efforts and hard work, and listing us as one of the top software testing service providers worldwide. Celebrating this achievement, we only aim to ensure the best when it comes to business, functional, technical, regulatory, or any other essential technical goals that emerge from a futuristic vision.  

From The CEO’s Desk!!  

“I feel extremely elated and proud to be the head of an organization that has not only strived to outperform but has managed to create a dynamic impression. I feel grateful to have such an amazing team that understands what exactly a client demands.”  

Expressing immense gratitude, she added, “BugRaptors is an organization that aims to yield value over monetary benefits. We believe it is more of a whole-hearted approach to serving clients that helps us to attain perfection and satisfaction at all levels of building new collaborations. Thank you, Designrush!” 

Need to know more about what services we offer, feel free to reach our experts at 


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