Introduction to the Super App – An Approach to bring All-in-One Experience


By Munish Garg

Introduction to the Super App – An Approach to bring All-in-One Experience

Define the Term Super App?  

The term ‘Super App’ is a platform for offerings and services, delivered through third-party integrations and in-house technologies. Initially, the word ‘Super App’ was derived by Blackberry founder Mike Lazaridis in 2010. He defined the Super App as a closed ecosystem of two or more apps that people regularly use due to the demand of acquiring integrated, seamless, contextualized, and efficient experience.   

Most advanced nations are becoming mobile-first. In comparison to multiple apps, the Super App requires less memory and storage.   

What Makes the Super App so Super?  

There are different dedicated apps for mobile apps to accomplish specific tasks and fulfill different needs. Yet, users in China use a single “Super App” because this app gives access to multiple apps in one place, ranging from booking a taxi service to communicating with friends. That’s why this concept makes it so super.  

The people from Asia-Pacific prioritize Super Apps in their daily lives. Whether it is the matter of food ordering, using ride-hailing services, paying for goods and services, chatting with friends and loved ones, or booking plane tickets in quick minutes, Super Apps are in trend, even in India now to bring all-in-experience for all users. A super app is a one-stop answer to address your shoppers' issues. The Super App is a stage created by an organization to offer different administrations under one umbrella.  

Super apps have great potential to give you high revenue and many business opportunities. Super Apps are created to keep good Software Development and Testing in mind. Nowadays, users are saying goodbyes to their favourite standalone apps and moving to Super Apps because Super App builders offer a frictionless and attractive marketplace to gain strong and lifetime customers.  

The role of every designer is now to create a great layout in apps because it helps users understand what the app is all about and has a major impact on user satisfaction. It is essential to make super apps in such a way so that these apps can easily interact with multiple third-party vendors. Moreover, these apps allow you to make easy payments with a high level of security. The software testing company evaluates the Super Apps because they have testers with quality analysts who ensure that the system/app/software is free of defects and satisfy the high-end customer’s expectations.   

Some History Facts to Know   

China was a trailblazer with the likes of Alipay, WeChat, Meituan, Baidu, etc. South-East Asia has also jumped to Super Apps. Some particular names of South-East Asia Super Apps are GoJek, Grab, MoMo, TrueID, and Face. Other countries like South Korea (KakaoTalk), Middle East (Careem), Japan (LINE), Russia (Yandex Go), Bangaladesh (Shohoz, Pathao) also have seen a massive rise in the use of Super Apps.   

Models like China’s WeChat made as an informing app in 2011 but turning to a lifestyle for one billion users around the world. From playing games with friends, using local services in Official Accounts and Mini Programs, reading the news to enjoying mobile payment features with WeChat Pay become super easy. WeChat is now undertaking as Super Apps to perform many activities inside the WeChat environment.   

Alipay, a piece of Alibaba, has a considerably more closely knit environment. Top 8 Successful Super Apps Examples: 

Yandex Go.                Rappi.                  Line.                        Careem.        

Paytm.                       Truecaller.            OMNi.                       Revolut. 

Benefits of the super App Approach Extend to: 

Quicker and safer item dispatches:  

We as of now have a crowd of people to market to, just as an abundance of information that will help you shape the correct contribution and pitch it to the perfect individuals at the perfect time. 

Lower item proprietorship and improvement costs:  

Most of the small-scale app on WeChat were not created in-house, however made through reconciliation by organizations who needed to lead business with WeChat's massive client base. Most super apps follow the stage-based way to scale their items 

Minimized KYC costs and effective on boarding:  

Ant Financials managed to reduce their loan application and approval process to 3 minutes (while maintaining very low default rates). Most KYC information is naturally adjusted from the client's sweeping social and monetary profile. On boarding new clients for new app gets less complex too. 

Cross-Industry Super App Examples — From the East to the West: 

• WeChat isn't the super app assuming control over the East in one huge swipe. 

• Get, a ride-hailing organization settled in Singapore with substantial market presence across the SEA area gained the neighbourhood sub-division of Uber and UberEats. 

• GrabFresh : a food delivery service, offered in partnership with HappyFresh service. 

Superpower’ apps hailing from the East also include: 

• Gojek/Get: Indonesian ride-sharing assistance, the greatest provincial contender to Grab. 

• Meituan: Chinese application offers a scope of "travel-life" going from food, travel basics, and recreation/way of life items. 

•Alipay: Alibaba's instalment framework offering a large number of extra services by expected app like retail, appointments, service charge instalments. 

•Fave: Singapore-based mobile payment and deals platform that recently acquired two local food delivery start-ups and plans forays into finance through micro-loans. 

•Paytm: Indian versatile wallet service that as of late added trader exchange usefulness permitting clients to book airfare and train tickets; and purchase products from its internet business sub-division Paytm Mall. 

•PhonePe: Flipkart-possessed Indian instalment app has various little app from mainstream nearby suppliers like Ola , Oyo (lodging booking) and MakeMyTrip (travel App. 

• Jio: An Indian Reliance telecom player that has amassed a significant client base on account of moderating nformation intends to dispatch another super application. Loaded with more than 100 app in a single stage, it can turn into the world's biggest disconnected to-online stage, matching WeChat. 

Key Elements to Super Apps: 

Super app will possibly keep up their moniker assuming, all things considered, they truly are overly in the entirety of clients' perspectives. They'll have to accept patterns and qualities that shoppers expect in the market today. 

  • Inclusivity - Apps need to work constantly. This implies moving physical-world speculation to the computerized world and the other way around. 
  • Social responsibility - It contributing to global warming or using green options like electric cars Is a super app contributing to waste in poor product packaging and shipping or reducing it. 
  • Information security - Certain topographies like Europe, the US and Canada have been more defensive of individual information than others. Information is a central segment to the accomplishment of a super app. The more information will be gathered, the better the people will give their contributions for using these apps 

Super App Work:

Mini-apps' that make up a super app do not require businesses to spend a large portion of their budget on development. It is so, because super apps open up space for integrations and adhere to the platform-based approach to scale their products. 

Limitation of Super App: 

  • CONTENT LIMITS/QUALITY: There might be cut-off points to the amount you can genuinely incorporate into a super app, so encounters might be less adequate regarding quality.  
  • CONTENT RENDERING: It takes effort to deliver a ton of substance. A more slow delivering time will be a helpless encounter for the client. 

Testing Activities of Super Application: 

  • Functional Testing 
  • Usability Testing 
  • Compatibility Testing 
  • Performance and load testing 
  • Security Testing 
  • Installation Testing 
  • Localization Testing 
  • Manual Testing 

* Again, Quality analysts and testers will need to evaluate the app, systems, and software control flow to ensure there are no defects. Finally, customers need to weigh in: after all, they will be the daily users who will make Super Apps or break it. 

* The super app must seamlessly interact with multiple third-party vendors. 

* While super apps have big revenue upside potential, in the end – like any other apps  

* Super apps provide the digital turf for the latest retail battle… as well as new challenges for software developers. 

If you’re looking for a technology partner to build or test the Super App for your business, get in touch with us today.  


Munish Garg

Munish Garg, is a Senior Coordinator QA Engineer & Editor associated with BugRaptors. He’s extremely passionate about his profession. His forte in testing is API testing using tools like Rest Assured, Postman etc. He’s a great team player and loves to help everyone. In addition to testing, he’s also fond of writing code which he likes to implement in his domain. He also loves to read and travel to new places.

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