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When it comes to the invention of the decade, the first thing that is likely to hit your brain is mobile devices. From the most basic call layouts to advanced smartphones, it is the evolution of tech that has changed everything, either our day-to-day activities or work. Thanks to the millions of applications available across different operating systems that have simplified the way we live.   

However, there is a less explored part of mobile application development that needs to be brought to light. Yes, we are talking about mobile app testing service.   

Every single day, thousands of new applications make it to the play store, app store, or Microsoft store. However, only a few of them make it to the customer response as planned. The only thing that makes the difference here is the time and investment made in the quality testing of the application. According to Statista, 299 billion free application downloads by 2023, there can be no time better than now for mobile app companies to invest in mobile app testing.   

The concept of mobile application development is entirely focused on delivering convenience to the end-users. However, the reluctance of mobile app developers to seek assistance from a reliable testing company is the reason for fewer downloads, poor application feedback, security issues, and other complications.   

Being an experienced and reliable mobile app testing service provider in India, here we bring you ten ways mobile testing service could help you secure better performance and added revenue with the next application you are planning to launch. Let’s begin.   

  • Carrier Testing  

Since most applications these days are made to run through mobile data, make sure your mobile app testing company keeps carrier testing at their priority. The inability to check the application for carrier compatibility could make you lose a significant portion of the market. With mobile users turning to be more mobile than ever, keeping your application working with changing signal strength and carrier availability is vital for success.  

  • Shift Left Testing  

Most of the time, app developers seek the quickest way to reach the app stores on different operating systems. Though planning goals is necessary, reducing the time to market should never skip the testing part. Therefore, you can simply opt for the shift left testing technique as it allows you to check your application for varying use cases while checking on performance, functionality, and usability.  

  • Parallel Testing  

If you have productivity concerns with your product, then parallel testing is made for you. Parallel testing allows you to have the advantage of simultaneous testing of your application across different devices and platforms. It not only helps you to squash all the bugs quickly but allows you to optimize your application for a more advanced experience. All in all, it will enable you to enjoy faster solutions and ensure uniformity in the application when trying to cater to various user groups.   

  • Continuous Integration  

When it comes to driving ROI, quality plays the most important role. Therefore, you must always choose a mobile testing service provider that can help make your application worth the download. Continuous integration is another such technique that can help you with faster code integration when you need to offer a bug-free experience to your users. This technique can be paired with the shift-left approach to ensure quicker results and more viable solutions related to app performance.   


We add worth to every penny you invest in mobile app testing!  

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  • Automation Testing  

If you need to save some money without compromising on Quality Assurance, then Automated testing is made for you. It is very likely that you may encounter several myths associated with the concept of Automation testing, especially the unexpected costs involved with the use of automation tools. However, it only needs you to make a wise choice after researching available tools or mobile testing company that could meet your needs.   

  • Performance Testing  

When you plan to launch a utility application or something related to marketplace application, drawing a positive response on your services needs you to meet performance goals. Performance testing allows you to locate any potential vulnerabilities hidden in the navigation paths of the application while taking down any technical issues. Consider an example where your application may have to take the load of ten thousand users at the same time on some weekend. In such a case, performance testing allows you to offer an equally pleasing experience to all without any lag or load crashing.  

  • A/B Testing  

If ROI gain is the goal of your mobile application, make sure you never hesitate to choose A/B Testing. This type of testing usually involves checking mobile applications by setting different pages. Most of the time, the content on the landing pages is kept the same except for a few usability and navigation-related changes made to the layout and structure. However, the changes made allow splitting of traffic and ultimately helps the brand to learn what kind of features and navigation is more convenient for the users.   

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  • DevOps Approach For Testing  

Mobile apps are all about development and operation teams working in collaborations to offer the best output to the end-users. However, the DevOps approach to mobile app testing works after the code is locked and the application is made accessible to the users. The DevOps approach checks for the application response against high traffic volume as well as the ease of transactions. DevOps testing is more of a real-time approach to testing and can benefit developers to boost their ROI by eliminating any flaws and cultivating a pleasing end-user experience.  

  • Script Reusing  

When you have an already defined set of test scripts for the application, you can benefit from automation testing to reuse the scripts at a higher rate saving you time and expenses made on testing the predefined scripts through a manual testing approach. In other words, automation and reuse of test scripts could help you take the lead with your development lifecycle, shortening the time to market with better results.  

  • Cloud Testing  

On the way to developing applications that could meet the end user’s needs, cloud testing techniques allow you to access simulation tools while monitoring the performance of the application for a load, security, performance, functionality, and much more. All you have to do is find a mobile app testing company that can bring you the benefit of cloud lab testing for faster application testing, more significant savings, and improved ROI.  

The Crux  

The introduction of mobile technology is no less than a boon. Whether it is meeting the revenue goals of the mobile app development companies or simplifying the routine operations of the users, mobile technology has wholly transformed human existence. However, struggling with the extensive competition and millions of application launches made each day, needs mobile app developers to be extra cautious of their quality requirements.   

          mobile testing services

Right from the installation to the usability, load, compatibility, security, and certifications, keeping your application compliant to industry and international standards could help open doors to true brand exposure. Since the quality of brand exposure depends entirely on the value, you provide to the customers, having a mobile app testing service provider as your testing partner could be the reason for you making the difference.   


Girish Chawla

Girish is Principal Consultant working at BugRaptors. He has experience in API Testing, Database Testing, Mobile Testing,Manual Testing, Application Testing, Security Testing, GUI Testing having deep understanding of all aspects of SDLC, STLC, Agile.


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