In today’s era, software quality is of utmost importance. Do you want to use an application that is slow, insecure, and less user-friendly with poor functionality? The answer would always be a No. Due to high competence and the hurry of releasing the product onto the market, organizations tend to compromise with software quality which results in decreased customers and sales. 

Even if you have a team of in-house testers, there is always a strong need for an outsourcing third-party testing team if you aspire to improve the quality of your applications and ongoing testing processes and a reduction in business overhead. It can be explained by an example: There is a short-term project with limited functionality; both the testers and developers start working on this project.  

As the project progresses, the project becomes more complex than what was actually planned. Now the budget and resources are limited, the approaching deadline and overworked resources could be the major reason for the project’s downfall. At this point, the third-party testing team becomes a saviour. 

In this blog, we will aim at highlighting the importance of hiring a third-party QA vendor while taking insights on factors that make outsourcing a great option to consider when looking for quality assurance services.   

Let’s begin! 

All That You Want To Know About A Third-Party QA Vendor…! 

Hiring an outsourced third-party testing team is the practice of handing over the application to be tested to an independent testing company or a third-party testing group for testing all the major aspects of the application in terms of performance, functionality, security etc. Such firms or groups do not have any role in the overall software development process.  

Increased growth of the IT services sector has led to increased outsourcing processes. Outsourcing provides considerable revenue gains, increased product quality, high efficiency and productivity for a company. There are many studies that reveal the fact ‘Half of the development effort is spent on testing, therefore, outsourcing relieves the companies from expensive functions thereby reducing operational costs. 

You might be wondering how a third-party QA vendor benefits an enterprise. And what are all the benefits it can deliver in order to grow with a higher success rate? The points mentioned below will answer all your questions one by one in detail. 

Benefits Of Hiring A Third-Party QA Team 

1. Availability Of A Wide Range Of Resources And Tools 

It is clearly not possible for you to have access to all the phones available. You might not know or have the top 10 popular smartphones available. But for this, you can approach a third-party test lab that will have immediate access to the maximum of these devices, if not all, of them.  

A third-party test lab consists of a large inventory having a wide collection of devices. Additionally, the mobile test lab has a wide range of automation tools available about the in-house test teams aren’t even aware of. Access to such resources finds ways and leads to higher quality software and efficient testing processes. 

2. Incorporating Best Practices 

Being a partner of a testing services specialist, one can be assured that the best practices of the industry will be employed in the businesses for validating the software. Outsourcing companies deal with a variety of different applications every day and use a wide range of testing methods to achieve a higher degree of specialization.  

The knowledge gained by dealing with the variety of applications in different domains when invested in your organization adds more value to it. The guidance and suggestions made by the outsourced team last for a long time even after the project is over. 

3. Faster Time To Market 

When an individual software tester is hired, testing timelines are imposed on the external team while there is no additional strain on the internal ones. The time taken by the developers to complete the entire software development lifecycle gets reduced.  

When an outside team takes care of all the testing activities for one project, the inside team of testers can work on another project which will help in speeding up the current project and also influence the speed to market on new projects. 

Need Help Finding The Right Outsourcing Partner? 

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4. Transparent Results 

The outsourced software testing team will have an unbiased view of your application or product. It will provide a clear picture of the strengths and weaknesses of your product. The in-house team members may have a biased behaviour towards the product which can make them ignorant about certain shortcomings which can result in poor quality of the product. 

Why Companies Must Outsource QA Services? 

Since we have already highlighted the benefits the IT solution providers could get with third-party QA services, there are certain reasons that make outsourcing QA services a great deal. Some of these could be listed as: 

  • Yielding Greater Quality: The primary reason why outsourcing your QA project could aid your business is by giving you the ability to access the latest techniques and best practices. Besides, having a team of experts allows you to catch up on the development lifecycle for added accuracy and attain the defined quality goals.  

  • Faster Output: Another important reason that makes hiring QA service providers a productive move is the added operational speed. Most of the time, the hired professionals have a more diverse understanding of projects which allows for preventing any stress and speeds up the turnaround time.  

  • Automation: To work with a third-party QA team allows you to have an automation advantage while having flexibility on different test frameworks and tools that are relevant to your project. Ultimately, it allows you to have better focus and save time on learning new techniques.  

Why Choose BugRaptors As Your A Third-Party QA Service Provider? 

Outsourcing your QA needs could help you yield the advantage of quality, speed, and tech advantage. However, it is extremely crucial that you should work with a third-party QA service provider that can help you meet your digital transformation goals. At BugRaptors, we help you streamline your QA journey in many dynamic ways. These include: 

  • Massive Savings 

The first and foremost reason that makes BugRaptors a potential QA partner has reduced overheads and saving costs on hiring any in-house team.  

  • Service Beyond Time 

Another significant benefit that makes outsourcing an advantage is having command over time. me. Having a QA partner allows you to serve your clients across all time zones allowing greater collaborations.  

  • Smooth Integrations 

A third-party QA testing company allows you to avoid any cultural differences while offering a pleasing experience working on any integrations. Besides, it enables you to prevent any disturbance to deadlines that may happen because of complicated integrations.  

  • Intellectual Property Laws 

Lastly, outsourcing QA services allow you to stay aligned with all intellectual property laws, bringing you all the necessary security and protection. Also, it allows you to work on IP protection and safety regulations giving you the convenience of managing data, streamlining operational practices, and processing information. 

All in all, if you need help managing your QA operations for maximized quality while streamlining your productivity objectives, working with a QA service provider could allow you to transform your business operations.  

And just in case you need help working on your QA goals with a team of ISTQB-certified testers, feel free to reach our team at  


Kanika Vatsyayan

Kanika Vatsyayan is Vice-President – Delivery and Operations at BugRaptors who oversees all the quality control and assurance strategies for client engagements. She loves to share her knowledge with others through blogging. Being a voracious blogger, she published countless informative blogs to educate audience about automation and manual testing.


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