How Can AI Technologies Help Automate Complex Routine Tasks?


By Sahil Verma

How Can AI Technologies Help Automate Complex Routine Tasks?

Automate Complex Routine Tasks

Voice recognition, autonomous vehicles, healthcare, education, banking, and software testing!! AI has impacted every field with its dominance. We all continue to witness a surge in technological advancements. With this, AI's role in our lives is only growing bigger. According to, the market size of artificial intelligence was valued at $51.08 billion in 2020, which is projected to reach $641.3 billion by 2028.  

Adopting AI practices can have many benefits for a business and its employees. It can yield higher quality, improved and increased reliability, and consistent output.  

Automation of routine tasks with the help of AI can help workers/employees spend more time on creative or complex tasks that provide enhanced value to the company and its customers.  

Also, they are not overlooking the fact that these technologies will radically transform the way of work and the workplace itself. Machines and AI technologies will be able to carry out more tasks done by human beings, complement and enhance the work done by humans, and even perform some tasks beyond what humans can do.  

With all these years of watching automation from so close and delivering AI testing solutions that were meant to align with future, let's look at the ways AI can automate routine tasks!  

  • Automating Customer Support and Service 

  Adopting or leveraging the chatbots option for automated customer support can help in saving a lot of time. 24/7 availability of Chatbots for customers can assist in automatically answering your questions, providing recommendations, and directing you to decide and strategize about the next step of your customer support strategy.  Furthermore, Chatbots can gather intelligence on customer needs, engagements, and emotions which can further help in boosting business profits.   

  • AI: The Game Changer Of Software Testing 

 AI technologies and tools can learn different user flows and thereby facilitate the creation of test cases based on accurate user data, increasing test coverage and making automated testing much more effective.  

This also means testers will not need to spend time generating test data based on production users since this step will be done by AI automatically. This will make testing more effective and help to increase test coverage, making it easy for user flows.  

With the help of AI, Users can register tests independently and use tests created automatically. This would further generate efficient automated test sets. In this way, even people with negligible technical knowledge can augment software testing coverage, thereby further increasing the productivity of the entire team. 

Advantages Of AI In Automated Software Testing: 

  • Visual validation by performing visual testing on applications 

  • Increased and improved accuracy and efficiency 

  • Better test coverage  

  • Reduction in costs and defects 

  • Saves time and faster time to market. 

  • Editing content in less duration 

AI technologies can edit the content produced in real-time, thereby developing an infinite number of variations. Shots will be switched out, and music and sound effects will change on the fly, all dictated by real-time user engagement and the personal features of the one viewing it.  

  • Creating Jobs And Integrating Human Workflows 

  With the help of Artificial intelligence in the workplace, creating jobs can be automated. This will also integrate the workflows. This is not only where it will stop, but also the workplace structure will continue to change due to AI and automation views radically. However, not forgetting that humans will play an integral role in making sure these worlds (AI and routine world) combine efficiently and effectively.   

  • Channelizing Future Strategies And Planning   

Every business today involves building strategies that will help enhance its overall business. Human beings or PR personnel are also crucial in building clientele relationships when talking about the PR industry. However, the teams can collect the data through AI and automation tools and services. This will eventually help in informing future strategies. This intelligence will specifically become a helping aid when it comes to media monitoring and ensuring that companies are able to stay abreast of competitor news and coverage.   

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  • Increasing The Speed Of Routine-based Marketing Efforts 

With AI and automation in the picture, Manual analysis of marketing efforts is now considered time-consuming. Marketing efforts can be shortened from 30 hours to 3 hours with the help of AI automation. For example, creating a social media strategy that includes analyzing all of the status updates that have been posted and then categorizing them into a system, etc., can be done quickly. Automation tools will be able to facilitate better direct marketing efforts.    

  • Replace Day-to-day Low-level Cognitive Tasks   

 AI, automation, and machine learning are impacting day-to-day routine tasks considerably more than ever before. The main focus can be laid on low-level cognitive tasks such as scheduling calendar invites, routinely ordering eatables or food-related items, and determining and identifying the emails to answer/review/delete based on identification. AI-based tools can also aid business professionals in high-level cognitive tasks like identifying connections, analyzing correlations, and assessing conclusions.   

  •   Transforming The PR Work 

Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation are transfiguring the job of PR professionals in an effortless way. There are several tasks such as news monitoring, researching, reporting, and building media lists that can be done without using manual methods. AI and predictive analytics will enable; le PR professionals a deeper insight into market trends and innovations. This way, it will eventually help free up mind space so PR professionals can think more strategically, creatively, and high level.  

  • Automation Of Sales  

AI can automate the routine tasks of the sales team as well. However, it won't be able to give a personal touch like interacting with the client while taking them to coffee as a professional PR would do. Still, automation can free up time for these human-centric interactions, as also McKinsey estimated that every third TASK of all sales tasks could be automated. Some of how sales can be automated are:  

  • Finding leads: Predicting the time when customers or target audiences might benefit from being contacted  

  • Invoicing: Checking credit and invoicing new and existing clients  

  • Processing orders: It includes processing Order, stock management, and upselling queries  

  • Tracking shipments: Dispatching, delivering, and returning notifications;  

  • Client management: Account management, including regular check-in emails, can be done 

  • Transcribe and summarize meetings with the help of AI 

With RPA software, the digital assistant can transcribe and summarize the meeting for you if you program the software bot to use AI text summarization models and leverage Natural Language Understanding software. And, even if your meeting tool already has a recording transcription capability, you can still use RPA to summarize the text for you. This significantly optimizes your productivity because 70% of your work is already done. \ 


With the arrival of artificial intelligence, the way complex routine tasks can be automated very beneficially. It has made the tasks of almost all the fields easy, and software testing is no exception.  

But with the adoption of these methodologies and AI tools, the need for robust technologies that ultimately support continuous testing and continuous release is also rising. This is the reason why AI-based test automation tools are coming into the picture. With the help of AI, all we can see is that businesses are now able to achieve faster tests and reliable products. 

At BugRaptors, we offer next-gen AI-based testing services so as to get faster and quality releases with more efficiency and accuracy. 

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Sahil Verma

Sahil Verma is a seasoned expert working as the Lead Software Engineer at BugRaptors. Since he has been associated with the QA industry for more than 10 years, he has a strong belief that, “‘Quality in any software is like grace to its existence.” More importantly, Sahil is a highly dynamic professional and more competent leader who understands every aspect of creating and executing business-productive software technology.

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