Approach For Selenium - Why To Use It


By Shaifali Sharma

Approach For Selenium - Why To Use It

Selection of a tool for your project that will satisfy all the technical and business agenda is a very hard task. Solely depending on marketing information is not a solution. You need to have comprehensive research and experience to select the most appropriate one for a project.

Confused between Manual and Automation Testing?

Everything has its own merits and demerits. Considering testing, manual and automation testing also have their own advantages and disadvantages. It depends on you which approach you are going to choose. So, before selecting any type, it is important to know the differences between both.

If you have less time then you should go for manual testing as it will not allow any tester to automate test cases in very short span of time. Automation Testing will increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your project. There are many tools available in market through which you can automate your project.

Why Choose Selenium?

As we have already discussed that there are many tools available in market for automation. The tool that is most commonly used is Selenium. As it has its own merits, it is highly preferred over the others. It has a variety of features that can be implemented for Compatibility Testing and Functionality Testing as it can support majority of the browsers available.

Having some thoughts?

1. Thinking about the compatibility with multiple browsers?

Then answer to your question is YES! Selenium is compatible with multiple browsers like Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari and many more. So you need not worry on which browser your software is running, it will be bug free!

2. Does the quality matters?

Doing the monotonous job, there are chances that a manual tester can skip some points while regression testing. Even if the tester is doing his best, he might miss something while testing. Performing the same using Selenium will not only save your time but also there will be no chance of missing any test case. There will be full test coverage in case of automation testing. Testers will be from manual testing and will have more time to automate new test cases to get even better output.

3. Having time limitations?

In case of agile methodology there is a repetition of the test cases for some modules. Even if a small change is made in the code, all the test cases are to be executed. If you are opting for manual testing then it will take a lot of time to re-execute all the test cases. But, if you have opted for Selenium (Automation testing) same test cases can be executed n number of times and it will be much faster as compared to testing it manually. Once the automation is done, it takes a few hours to test the software which will be a full day to test the same software manually.

4. Is maintenance cost bothering you?

Selenium again wins the race!  As it is an open-source and free software, it is easy to have the maintenance of your software. Why to opt a licensed tool when you are getting better features using free software?

5. Independent of the programming language!

You read it right! You can choose any language for your project. Selenium supports multiple languages and hence provides you greater scope to choose it amongst the others.

6. Scalability

Selenium allows you to run many test cases in parallel through a component selenium grid. You just need the browser for running the test scripts.


Automation testing has an important role in testing as it delivers better quality product in lesser time. And to adding more to it is Selenium having its own merits over the other automation tools there in the market. Go for it and do not regret!!


Shaifali Sharma

Shaifali is an ISTQB certified QA engineer, working at BugRaptors. She is a testing professional having diverse exposure in various projects and application testing with comprehensive understanding of all aspects of SDLC. She is well versed with Manual testing, Mobile application testing, performance testing, load testing, Web applications testing and able to create effective documentation related to testing like test case, test report etc.

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