5 Ways To Achieve Insprint Test Automation


5 Ways To Achieve Insprint Test Automation

Achieve Insprint Test Automation

When it comes to modern software development, testers and QAs need to work in compressed cycles. However, the process even involves the use of automation to ensure saving expenses along with time and effort.  

Insprint test automation is one such testing technique that aids ideal development scenarios and streamlines everything from implementation to reporting of software performance. More importantly, Insprint automation allows testers and developers to avoid any delays in the operations.  

Though there are so many ways in which test automation solutions can be leveraged for software testing, the most common form of QA practices includes deployment done at the end of the development lifecycle. This usual approach often leads to issues with the process, irrespective of the fact that the project is in its creation stage or is likely to be executed.  

In this blog, we will aim at underlining the several benefits and challenges surrounding Insprint automation while giving a list of 5 steps that are necessary to aid Insprint test automation.  

The Benefits Of Insprint Automation 

Integrating Insprint automation could release extensive benefits to a business. These may vary from the ease of teamed development to anything related to overcoming repeated processes. With that being said, let us quickly jump on exploring what possible benefits Insprint automation could offer:  

Enhanced Test Coverage 

The primary reason why developers and testers aim to drive the potential of Insprint automation is the advantage to achieve the development goals within the first build. It is because Insprint test automation involves ongoing adjustments that need much less time due to the code and feature being automated in unison.  

Inclusive Environment 

The second important benefit that testers could yield with Insprint automation is that no team is left behind. Be it automation teams, developers, or QAs, all could work collaboratively to stay on same page regarding progress.  

Save Resources 

Most of the time, the development process is delayed due to the extensive time they demand testing. It involves testing a feature with others for driving seamless integration while using Insprint automation to accelerate the speed.  

Test Identification 

Last but not least, harnessing Insprint automation allows for identifying test scenarios at the early stages of the sprint which ultimately allows for preventing errors.  

Challenges Of Insprint Automation 

Though Insprint automation appears to be a great solution for many businesses, there are certain challenges associated with it. Here are certain issues that you are likely to witness when implementing Insprint automation:  

Tools & Framework Selection 

There are only a few tools that align well with insprint automation. In its ideal form, insprint automation should allow testers to save time and create tests without accessing the UI. Besides, it needs a framework that can support all tests for a given platform while offering flexibility to incorporate quick changes as per varying business demands. 

Short Sprints Often Causes A Time Crunch 

When pursuing automation, short sprints could lead to a time crunch. Especially, when a team needs to complete building software for a review within a time frame of 15 days, Insprint automation can be challenging as automation demands more time in order to release more accurate results.  

Limited Technical Expertise 

Automation is not easy to pursue and needs a thorough understanding of the interdependencies between different teams. However, it becomes tough at times to find trained professionals who can work closely in a dynamic environment and could collaborate with others to ensure smooth automation. 

Wondering How AI Could Make a Difference To The World Of QA 

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5 Steps To Achieving Insprint Test Automation 

In order to ensure smooth automation, there are several conditions that need to be met. Even if you are using advanced AI, it needs you to align with certain protocols that can help achieve faster automation:  

Developers Must Regularly Check Code With Sprint 

Like any software development process, constant maintenance is critical. No developer or tester would want to work through the entire sprint and end up finding issues with the automation process. Such issues not only cause delays but even make you lose all the important data. In short, as soon as the code is written, the testing must be fostered immediately.  

Automation Engineers Must Be A Part Of The Development Scrum Team 

Most of the time, businesses are found indulged in assigning their automation team to work on regression suite backlog. They are a significant part of the development process and therefore help ensure any automation runs as expected. This is why developers and automation engineers are usually put in the same team to overcome churn and allow quicker implementation of Insprint automation. 

Making Knowledge Training A Mandate For Automation Engineers  

It is necessary that automation engineers should understand their roles and responsibilities related to code and testing. More importantly, the focus must be kept on extensive skills that can help enhance their contribution in the development process. Such an approach could enable them to fulfil multiple functions. 

Creating Descriptive And Easy To Understand Test Cases 

When pursued through long workflows that contain so many components, automation often turns out to be a confusing task. Also, automation testers find it quite difficult to create a working system that needs to contain multiple things at the same time. Thus, testers must aim to create simple test cases that are efficient and detailed to complement automation testing solutions.  

Picking The Correct Automation Tool And Framework 

Last but not least, aligning with digital transformation goals has forced IT solution providers to embrace advanced approaches to automation. This involves the use of technologies like artificial intelligence, cloud, or machine learning to deliver the required output.  

Though conventional automation needs testers to invest a lot of time in scripting the right test scenarios, present-day solutions allow testers to contribute more to QA management. Thus, the selection of the right tools and frameworks could enable great contributions to factors like performance and security.  

Planning An Effective Insprint Test Automation Strategy 

When it comes to running a successful Insprint test automation plan, it becomes necessary to stick with a pattern. The best approach defined needs keeping unit tests at the bottom followed by API testing and UI testing as per Mike Cohen’s automation pyramid.  

The process even allows running most tests at the bottom and reducing the tasks as we move towards the top while shifting focus on maintenance and execution. Besides, by aiming at unit tests in the beginning, better test coverage could be attained.  

Concluding it all... 

Insprint automation can be challenging. However, the reality is achieving a sustainable process could redefine the entire development process. Though the process involves some investment, collaborating with a reliable quality assurance service provider could make things much easier. 

And just in case you need some assistance with outsourcing your QA needs, BugRaptors brings you a team of ISTQB-certified experts who can work on a custom solution to meet your development objectives within the defined time frame.  

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