For a long time, companies have invested heavily in optimizing their testing processes to ensure steady releases of high-quality software. When it comes to how AI (Artificial Intelligence) can help in software testing, managing the software testing process becomes very challenging due to the vast complexity of AI.

Today applications, data, and devices interact through APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), which is a messenger that helps process requests and assures the seamless functioning of enterprise systems. APIs are sometimes working as contracts, mainly with documentation APIs share an agreement between parties in which first one party sends a remote request. Then the second party responds to the software.   

Owing to the dependency of APIs on other apps or legacy systems, even the best experts at AI & ML testing face numerous challenges while working on the AI-based testing, such as selecting the exact use cases, difficulty in understanding what actually needs to be done, verifying the actions of the applications as per their data. Therefore, organizations need the best approach to test their AI frameworks and systems to make sure that these will meet the desired goals.   

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Change Software Testing   


The role of AI in Software Testing is to optimize the testing process, get assistance from automation, and eventually help create AI-enabled mobile apps that help businesses grow their revenues by allowing companies to recognize customers' behaviour as per their shopping patterns.

Read below how AI will change Software Testing? How will testers leverage Artificial Intelligence to verify ever-expanding code suites? How can AI give a competitive advantage in business? What use cases will help AI in testing create a balance between logic and data? It’s time to know the answers to all such questions below.  

1. Developers & Software Tools Will Change   

Jason Arbon, Chief Technology Officer, believes that it is feasible to test mobile applications successfully using the advantages of AIin testing. Jason is a diligent developer and tester and also worked at Google and Microsoft. He co-authored the book based on "How Google Tests Software" and is the best person who gives the first response on the impact of artificial intelligence on Software Testing.

He shared his kids' story and said they giggle at him while making the gesture to manually roll down a car window. He related this story to the next-generation testers. He expects that testers will laugh when it comes to selecting, managing, and driving systems under test (SUT) because AI can do such tasks better, faster, and in a cheaper way.   

2. AI Will Help Resolve Complex Issues   

Software testing is a crucial process of software development. However, some developers don’t execute rigorous testing of applications due to a lack of resources and time. That’s why it becomes necessary to consider the best software testing company because they have expertise in identifying areas that have issues. Based on their understanding of software defects, they use a focused strategy and pay more attention to applications’ problems.

On the other hand, PHP developers are looking for faster deployment solutions with limited infrastructure. That’s why companies today leverage AI in Software Testing because of the ease of repetition of checks on software. In this stage, AI allows to automate all those processes and doesn’t require any human effort. Thus, it is better to use AI to identify the application processes and problems while testing because this can help reduce time and cost as well. 

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3. Determinism Will be Criticized   

Adam Carmi and Moshe Milman, co-founders at Applitools, express their views regarding applications that can easy to enhance the apps' with testing, including AI-powered visual verifications. According to them, there will be a range of possible outcomes where test engineers of the software testing services company may require to run a test number of times. They have to ensure the accuracy statistically at the end. The test infrastructure will have to support learning and prediction-based test results from the same data that is utilized for training the decision-making AI.  

4. Humans will Become Mystics   

Are you excited to know what will happen when your systems and testing applications consider AI? Here’s come the idea of automation testing because automation knows about how and when to perfectly interact with the system. Automation testing doesn’t rely on procedures that create a distinction between correct and incorrect behaviours of SUT (System Under Test).

Again, it is an over-exciting moment to know how tests will be done by AI if the system being tested is working accurately? Well, the role of AI in Software Testing is to provide insights into what a particular system does. It is preferable to solve Oracle Problem before conducting actual testing.  

What is Oracle Problem?  

You need to know a bit about the Oracle Problem before moving to the next. In Software Testing, an Oracle is a mechanism that gives you an idea of the working of programs, meaning you can get an idea of whether it is working correctly or not. An oracle can be the direct comparison of the program output with the correct answer. Complicated oracles include those programs that are in the running state and check whether the output of the targeted programs is correct. For AI algorithms and machine learning, the problem is that they often lack an oracle without human involvement.

For instance, Supervised Machine Learning is a common method to solve image recognition problems. This process starts from the creation of datasets correctly labelled images for training and validation, which is a specific way to introduce an oracle, and it helps us know that the range of tests performed on the model will be restricted by human efforts and widening the test cases. Consequently, whenever it comes to increasing the size of projects and variety in applications, performing online testing can be a big challenge.  

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5. Humans will become Extinct   

Earlier, humans perform every single test, but now AI will do this task when adequate training data are available. Artificial Intelligence is the hypothesis that significant advancement in Artificial General Intelligence could one day result in unrecoverable global catastrophe or human extinction. If AI shows more superintelligence in comparison to humans, then it can become impossible for them to control. Likewise, the Mountain Gorilla is dependent on human goodwill, so the fate of humans relies on the actions of the computer’s superintelligence.

On a positive note, testers should appreciate automated testing or AI-based testing capabilities and forget about technology is changing. The most common elements of AI that are applied to software testing are neural networks and machine learning. Neural networks are based on how the part of the brain that predates humans make connections. Machine learning allows computers for object classification or making predictions about likelihoods as per the data it has.  







In the Software Development Industry, Artificial Intelligence has become the recent buzzword. The use of AI technologies for data analysis is beneficial for eliminating human error probability. AI has the power to shorten the time taken to run the specific test and identify possible defects in the software application. It is now sure that AI will change Software Testing in various ways as highlighted above. The software testing company will get huge assistance from Artificial Intelligence due to its capabilities of augmenting data with theories. AI’s ability to leverage these theories and make judgmental-based decisions using reasoning will define the success of Software Testing.   


Rajeev Verma

Rajeev works as Project Manager at BugRaptors. He is working on several Web Applications, Network Vulnerability assessments, Mobile Applications, Secure Network Architecture reviews. Proven track record of successfully leading and mentoring cross-functional teams in dynamic environments. Work with all of the development teams to improve initial release quality, quality of production releases and agile development practices. He is passionate about leveraging technology to elevate QA practices and contribute to the success of innovative projects.


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