“Mobile is not the future, it is the NOW. Meet your customers in the environment of their choice, not where it’s convenient to you” 

The mobile domain is increasing rapidly. Ever since the outbreak of covid-19, it has skyrocketed. Mobile Applications presently include all types, from video, real estate, and healthcare to mobile banking apps. We all know that testing mobile apps is quite a complex process.   

Numerous platforms, operating systems, testing scenarios, and various network connections and carriers are in the picture for mobile applications. According to a report shared by Market Data Forecast, the global smartphone market was valued at USD 378.29 billion in 2020 and is anticipated to reach USD 493.13 billion by 2026, with a CAGR of 6.85% during the conjecture period 2022-2027.   

At BugRaptors, we believe digital progress is all about the future. It is an environment where users, customers, and business owners could interact in the most effective manner, simplifying lives and adding value to digital ventures. With that being said, it becomes extremely necessary that quality at all levels of mobile development must be considered to ensure the required output can be fetched at all the times.   

Thus, it becomes necessary to understand mobile application testing and have the right knowledge of the test tools that can streamline the entire test process for rapid deliveries and optimum user-experience.  

  • TestRigor  

test rigor

TestRigor helps the testers to express tests as executable specifications in plain English directly. Users of all technical abilities can build end-to-end tests ranging from any complexity covering mobile, web, and API steps in one Test. With the help of this tool, Test steps can be expressed on the end-user level instead of relying on implementation details like XPaths or CSS Selectors. Some of its features are:  

  • It supports programming languages like Ruby, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Java, and C#   

  • Offers different frameworks like Angular, React, React Native, Android, iOS, and Flutter   

  • Well integrated with API Testing, Audio Testing, Functional Testing, Security Testing, and more   

  • Well integrated with TestRail, Zephyr, XRay, Jira, Azure DevOps, Azure DevOps, Jenkins, CircleCI, and more.   

  • The tool provides Record-and-replay, Cross-browsing functionality, and No-code automation.   



A mobile testing framework that comes from the house of BugRaptors, a software testing company that adheres to following the industry-related best practices and is well-equipped to deal with complex test case scenarios related to multiple mobile devices, platforms, and services. The primary goal is to work on the following parameters using manual and automation testing: 

  • Mobile Device's Physical Characteristics 

  • Platform, OS, and Device Fragmentation 

  • User Experience 

  • Security 

  • Performance 

  • System Integration 

moboraptors snapshot

  • AccelQ 


AccelQ is one of the renowned tools offering AI-powered codeless test automation and management built on a cloud-native platform. Automation-first and codeless capabilities facilitate use for testing teams without deep programming expertise. A unified platform for API, mobile database, and packaged apps are highly provided by this tool. The feature facilitates the following;  

  • Integrated Mobile Cloud Device execution farm with public and private device options for cross-device Testing 

  • Testing in Plug & Play model.   

  • Mobile, Web, API, backend, and full stack automation in the same unified flow.   

  • Automation flow recorder, coupled with powerful Natural Language no-code editor.   

  • Automation that executes across Mobile OS and is agnostic of Development frameworks.   

  • Design-first approach with inbuilt modularity; no need for custom frameworks.   

  • Robust and sustainable Automation that's significantly low on maintenance.   



Learn about Mobile application testing using automation frameworks!  

Read our blog: https://www.bugraptors.com/blog/mobile-application-testing-using-automation-frameworks 

  • TestComplete  


Using TestComplete, you can design and execute comprehensive and repeatable UI tests for native or hybrid mobile apps. For iOS and Android smartphones, TestComplete offers wide support, thereby disseminating a reliable application.  

One can automate user interface tests on cellular phones, virtual machines, or emulators through this tool. It allows you to write automated test scripts without using any scripts by using record and replay operations, or you can use Python, VBScript, JScript, or JavaScript. 


  •  HeadSpin  


Users may remotely test and debug mobile, web, audio, and video applications on hundreds of devices using the HeadSpin Platform. To ensure a natural user experience, test your app under numerous network scenarios through this seamless tool.  

Some of its extended features are:  

  • It is one of the easy-to-use tools.  

  • Get AI/ML-based insights to address problems and reduce the time it takes to market your products.  

  • The tool Tests on actual hardware to ensure 100% accuracy.  

  • Using a single-tenant (dedicated device) model deployed both on and off-premise, Testing is more secure, and performance is improved using this tool.  

  • Companies can employ individual devices, all thanks to HeadSpin's Create Your Lab (CYOL) service. 

Headspin working

  •   6. Kobiton 


This tool gives testers access to genuine devices through an intuitive interface for manual and automated Testing. Additionally, it provides real-time insight into logs that customers may examine and download to find and fix problems. Complex gestures, ADB shell commands, geo-location, and device connection management are all supported by Kobiton. Some of its features include:  

  • User experience simplification to speed up test sessions  

  • Option for on-premises implementation for added security  

  • Supports a variety of frameworks, including React Native, Ionic, Electron NativeScript, Xamarin, and Flutter. Supports programming languages like C#, Java, Ruby, NodeJS, PHP, and Python.  

  • Supports a variety of testing methods, including functional Testing, performance testing, and automated Testing. 

Kobiton Portal

  • Katalon platform 


The Katalon Platform, based on Appium and Selenium, reduces the tools' present high learning curve. The tool also offers a codeless testing experience to users of all skill levels. Testing on Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems is also possible in addition to supporting Android and iOS devices.  

  • It is easy to set up and create tests using record and playback, keywords, and images.  

  • Run tests locally and remotely on actual hardware, simulating hardware, or specialized cloud-based hardware (Sauces Lab, Kobiton, Perfecto, Lambda Test, etc.)  

  • Adaptable test reuse for web, API, and mobile platforms.  

  • By Using built-in interface with widely used project management platforms, decrease maintenance efforts (Jira, Git, Jenkins, etc.) 

Katalon studio working

  • Eggplant 


Eggplant is a Commercial GUI Automation Testing product designed and developed by TestPlant for Android and iOS app testing and is named as eggOn.   

  • It is useful for cross-browser testing, image-based testing, Mobile Testing, network testing, UI automation, and Functional Testing.  

  • One script for all platforms and devices, full device code, and other features of this tool mean that it is not necessary to make any changes to the app's source code to test the app being tested. 

Eggplant working

  • Appium 



On iOS and Android platforms, Appium is an Open-Source tool for automating native, mobile, web, and hybrid programs.  

  • It is appropriate for apps created using the Android or iOS SDK.  

  • On iOS, Appium supports Safari, and on Android, it supports all other built-in browser apps.  

  • Since it is compatible with running on Android or iOS using a device or emulator, there is no need to modify any app code.  

  • Automated functional Testing of mobile apps for iOS and Android is quick. 

Appium Package

  • Ranorex Studio  

Ranorex Studio

Be it iOS or android applications, Ranorex Studio is an all-in-one solution for mobile app testing. Beginners can easily use this tool as it provides a codeless click-and-go interface and helpful wizards while equally being powerful for automation experts with a full IDE. It is Widely Used by over 4,000 companies worldwide.   

  • Supports iOS and Android Testing, including native and web apps.  

  • It ensures reliable object identification, even for web elements with dynamic IDs.   

  •  Reusable code modules and Shareable object repository for reduced maintenance and efficient test management.   

  • The tool helps in performing Tests on real devices without jailbreaking.   

  • Run cross-device tests in parallel or use Appium WebDriver for mobile web tests.   

Ranorex working

  • Perfecto 


The tool with the help of which you can build your apps with a mobile-first world in mind. This premier testing cloud for mobile apps is called Perfecto. Deliver outstanding digital experiences more quickly and securely with Perfecto.  

Its features include:  

  • Unparalleled testing scenario and platform coverage.  

  • Intelligent analytics for quick feedback and corrections.  

  • Integrated cloud testing platform for mobile and web applications.  

  • Same-day access to fresh hardware, operating systems, and more  

  • Scalability and security at the enterprise level.  

  • Deep technical knowledge and assistance to make you successful.  

  • Support for programming languages including PHP, Java, Python, C#, and JavaScript 

Perfecto working

  • Test IO 

test IO

Test IO is one of the leading SaaS platforms for software crowd testing. It is usually implemented to save time on test initiatives that require continuous testing of web and mobile applications by skilled human testers. It ensures excellence by:  

Testing On Real Devices: Ensure Expanded coverage to hundreds of devices, platforms, and real people in real-world conditions. Ensure your software works on iOS, Android, and every OS version.   

Real-time Feedback: The professional testers have a fresh and unbiased eye on your product, thereby providing unbiased feedback.   

Faster Releases: Test.io allows you to remove the QA bottlenecks with on-demand and flexible testing that aligns with your needs and rapid product release strategies.    


  • Test Studio  

Test Studio

Test Studio is designed by Telerik company and is widely used for automated Functional Testing. This tool is widely used to test mobile Native and hybrid web apps for iOS and Android. Some of its features are:    

  • Test Studio is a commercial mobile testing tool.   

  • Keynote Mobile Testing Tools help to ensure the quality of mobile apps on real devices.   

  • It allows testing apps on Android and iOS and windows and blackberry.  

  • Keynote Mobile- a commercial tool that provides, Functional, automated Cloud-Based and Regression Testing of mobile apps.  

Quality Assurance To Create Quality Mobile Applications  

Catering to the fiercely competitive market landscape, testing mobile apps has become essential than ever before. There are end number of tools and companies providing mobile application testing services for iOS and Android.  

It is, therefore, crucial for mobile application owners to choose the tool wisely in order to disseminate a reliable and excellent application. 

And just in case, you need some expert assistance testing your mobile application and making the most out of manual and automated testing, feel free to reach our experts through info@bugraptors.com  


Munish Garg

Munish Garg, is a Senior Coordinator QA Engineer & Editor associated with BugRaptors. He’s extremely passionate about his profession. His forte in testing is API testing using tools like Rest Assured, Postman etc. He’s a great team player and loves to help everyone. In addition to testing, he’s also fond of writing code which he likes to implement in his domain. He also loves to read and travel to new places.


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