Assuring Overall Quality and Reliability of Employment Website Through Regression Testing

about client

Our client is a UK based global leader in delivering online services. Client's vision is to create the world’s largest online workplace or online employment portal. They have a professional Networking Website that helps Employee, Job Seekers, Recruiters, Business People, Students and Companies to build their professional career.

Product Overview

As per the client’s requirements, a comprehensive job searching & hiring software that creates a friendly yet professional environment needs to be tested for adequate reliability.

Product Challenges


Meeting Time Constraints During Build Release

  • The client had issues regarding the planning of demonstrations for customers to showcase the upcoming functionalities of the product.
  • It was a daunting task to give demos, take feedback of the sessions, and perform testing, simultaneously.
  • Time management during build release while catering all the client demands was challenging.

Constant Functionality Changes After Each Demo

  • With each new sprint, new features were being introduced while the client kept on changing the previous functionality.
  • The complexity of the project due to each sprint, which led to previous functionality to be broken as the code needed constant alterations.
  • Moreover, ensuring that the test suite is adequate for the new code was quite challenging.

Functionality of Previous Modules During Bug Fixing

  • Bug fixing of the current build by developers during regression testing.
  • During Regression testing phase the builds BugRaptors used to receive were broken from the get-go.
  • Issues in handling the previous code from the developer’s end.

Handling Communication Issues in Different Time Zones

  • Regression Testing is typically an expensive activity, as the code is changed constantly and the developers need to focus on minute points.
  • Adjusting the existing tests for the testers accordingly as changing large test suites is a very tedious activity.

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Product Solutions


Overcame Time Constraints Issues With Automated Test Cases

  • BugRaptors automated 90% of the Test Cases for all the modules so that regression testing can be done in time with excellent results.
  • As the employment product was being created for web and mobile platform both, we used multiple automation technologies to tackle the task of executing large test suites.


Collabratively Tackled The Challenge of Constant Changes By Client

  • BugRaptors collaborated with the development team to perform impact analysis on the functionalities that required changing after each demo.
  • Reduce the time required by developers to change the code as the amount of code that required changes was reduced. We also introduced test case writing on changed features and automating those test cases in parallel.
  • By utilizing time for testing previous functionality thoroughly during regression while catering to the task of changing functionality by the client.

Broken Builds Problem Fixed With Regression Checklist

  • Our testing team created a regression checklist after multiple discussions with the client and development team to avoid the problem of broken functionality.

Tools And Technology

  • Selenium Web Driver: Used with Java using Hybrid technology.
  • Appium: Mobile App Automation
  • Selendroid: Selenium for Android
  • Mantis Bug Tracker: For bug tracking
  • Spark™ and BaseCamp: For collaborative environment (chat and offline communication)

Advantages of the Tools & Techniques

  • New steps were implemented on development side which required them to make sure all the points that were penned in the checklist are in working condition before releasing the build to test engineers.
  • This resulted in the proper unit testing of the build from the developer side which in turn led to improved build quality.

To solve the Situation of Communication gap & Time Difference

  • BugRaptors rearranged the working time schedule of the testing team so that time overlapping between time zones could be accomplished.
  • Initiate daily scrums with client and developer team. Spark communication was used between development and test teams during time overlapping.
  • Moreover, we were successful to drop offline comments to the developers so that they can fix the issue on time without any delay using Basecamp

About Tools

  • Selenium web driver using a data-driven framework is very robust for functional automation of web interface. This helps to perform regression testing in a very short span of time.
  • APPIUM is very useful for mobile automation testing as they have Support for continuous integration, support cross-platform testing and supports both iOS and Android.
  • Selendroid is used where APPIUM failed to give optimum results as it provides extensive support for the Android platform.
  • Spark™ communicator helped in the proper communication channel between teams and is very advantageous as it supports both Macintosh (Mac OS) and Windows OS.
  • JMeter is very helpful for load testing and measuring the performance at the server end.

Client Benefits

Following the processes helped the client to have a stable and bug-free build:

  • Using the available technologies and tools, the product was delivered to the client on time.
  • The major hurdles that occurred during the project time frame were taken care of in a timely manner and satisfying the client with adequate solutions.
  • Having all the requirements of the client fulfilled, trust and relationship between the client and end users (customers) were strengthened.

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