Banking Application Testing Using Jmeter To Measure Performance

about client

The client is a leading application development and application service provider (ASP) in banking and finance.

The application is a finance tracking application in which the client wants to manage customers' financial activities and updates on the web and mobile platforms.

The client wanted us to perform banking application testing to identify the application's performance under diverse conditions and the system's behavior on increasing the possible number of users in the future.

Product Overview

It was a finance tracking app that manages various financial activities of users. Under banking domain testing, we tested the application's performance under different conditions.

Some functionalities of the product:

  • User authentication – Unique login for each user
  • User profile management
  • Track and update finances of users accordingly and smoothly

Product Challenges

During this project, we encountered various unique challenges, but we were able to cope with them with our different app testing strategies for each challenge.


Ajax Requests

  • It was hard to get each test’s threshold even after several iterations.
  • Ajax requests and the scenarios in which we have to create scripts were quite challenging.

Predicting the Performance

  • Identify or predicting the performance and bottlenecks that need to improve for expected load conditions.
  • Running an iteration and identify the next iteration’s requirements based on different parameters was also a big challenge.

Understanding Business Standards

  • It required experienced domain testers to solve complex queries. Our team of domain QA experts was of great help.
  • Banking is vast; in the initial stage, it was hard to understand business standards.

Frequent Changes

  • There were frequent changes, and we had to act fast.
  • The app had a fixed release date; it was challenging for us to test all scenarios in a limited time.

Product Solutions

  • Created a test strategy based on the client requirement with a custom framework.
  • We used the Test Script Recorder to trace Ajax request in the application and also used JUnit scripts by integrating WebDriver.
  • Used “PerfMon Server Agent” to monitor server resource utilization e.g. CPU, RAM, Disk I/O and Network I/O.
  • Generated a custom test execution report that provides a simple and clear view of each iteration results.

Tools And Technology

  • Junit: A unit testing framework used for testing Java-based application.
  • Jmeter: A powerful load testing tool to analyze the performance of an application through automated tests.
  • Test Script Recorder
  • PerfMon Server Agent
  • Custom framework
  • WebDriver: Automated testing framework used for performance testing across different web browsers.

Client Benefits

  • Reduced risk and overall time for testing life cycle.
  • Response time improved by 70%.
  • Identified production server requirement based on performance data.
  • Time and cost saving by performing the test under tight deadlines.
  • Representation of the response time, throughput, possible error percentage and server resource utilization of current infrastructure.

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