Medical-Devices Based Healthcare App Testing

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The client was looking for a partner who had technical expertise, innovative solutions with great familiarity in the healthcare domain. The client approached BugRaptors for healthcare application testing due to our ability to support complex and business-critical engagements.

The client demanded the best-in-class solution from us before launching its web-based medical devices monitoring application and hired us to assure quality parameters.

Client Requirement - “Wanted to test various types of medical devices and requested us to make its application capable of tracking different health and performance indicators and monitoring numerous types of severity-based logs.“

Product Overview

The product was a web application designed and developed with the intention to display several types of indicators of medical devices. When these indicators’ values got updated, it immediately sent notifications based on their severity. Thus, the client requested us to test its application against multiple product types and devices registered under it.

Main Features of Client’s Medical-devices Based Monitoring App:

  • Single sign up on the application.
  • HIPAA Compliance was done for all the log files of this web app.
  • Successfully displayed multiple devices' health indicators on Home Screen.
  • Provided support for multiple performance indicators.
  • Successfully displayed severity-based notification when its indicators values reached their threshold values.

Challenges and Requirements

  • Various types of testing were offered for its different medical devices and based on their features.
  • The application was successfully made cloud-ready (available on (TBD: TBD: AWS, Google, or Azure), relevant data stores, and tools).
  • Successfully met HIPAA Compliance and HL7 standards.
  • Provided an authentication feature and tested well for a single sign-in option on its application.
  • Fulfilled the different configuration needs for a variety of devices.

Product Solutions

  • Healthcare apps testing is always challenging. We used our strategies to make the application testing process smooth.
  • For his healthcare application, we have configured different systems with different devices and services to cover most devices.
  • Our QA team completed integration tasks and performed various brainstorming sessions to make the healthcare app easy to understand.
  • We covered several testing aspects such as usability testing, functional testing, and other phases like security testing to give the utmost quality to its healthcare app.
  • Test data was created to get the testing done through multiple devices.
  • We also suggested our client automate smoke test scenarios.
  • In the end, we reported to the client and gave multiple suggestions to improve the user-friendliness of his application.

Tools And Technology

  • Selenium Webdriver: Automated testing framework for the web application.
  • Java: Used for writing test scripts.
  • TestNG Functional testing framework.
  • Operating System Windows, Linux. Client Benefits
  • Azure Dev Ops:

Client Benefits

  • Web application across multiple medical devices is working smoothly and bug-free.
  • 100% test coverage is achieved.
  • HIPAA compliance and HL7 standards integration and management.

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