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  • Web Testing Services
  • Mobile Application Testing
  • Game Testing Service
  • Automation Testing Services
  • Performance & Load Testing
  • Usability and User experience Testing
  • Web & Mobile Application Security Testing

BugRaptors has domain expertise team proficient in working with various test models like Sequential & Agile. We formulate a robust approach and personalized test plans to ensure all prerequisites are met according to the application as expected.

  • Functional Testing
    Functional Testing
  • Regression Testing
    Regression Testing
  • Web applications
    Web applications
  • Testability
  • Mobile Web
    Mobile Web
  • Interrupts
  • Installation
  • Network
  • Location
  • Browser Compatibility
    Browser Compatibility

Specialists in testing all types of mobile applications – native, web & hybrid on all major platforms i.e. iOS, Android and Windows. Our dedicated Test Lab is stocked with the latest smartphones, tablets and devices which are used to test and troubleshoot mobile apps and websites.

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Compatibility
  • Memory Testing
    Memory Testing
  • Geo-fencing
  • Battery Performance Testing
    Battery Performance Testing
  • Guidelines
  • Carriers
  • Interrupts
  • Installation
  • Gesture

Our game testers are proficient in testing quality of the games across Desktop, Online, Console and Mobile gaming options. BugRaptors leverages its superior testing capabilities with a dedicated Game Test Center of Excellence supported by device labs, cloud and compatibility test suites.

  • Platforms
  • Memory Usage
    Memory Usage
  • In-app Purchases
    In-app Purchases
  • Social Network Testing
    Social Network Testing
  • Globalization Testing
    Globalization Testing
  • Compatibility
  • Interrupt Testing
    Interrupt Testing

We are world leader in providing test automation services to our clients. Test automation experts at BugRaptors, use various tools and develop customized frameworks for end-to-end automation for test ecosystems, in order to sustain agile modes of application development lifecycles.

  • Selenium
  • Monkey Talk
    Monkey Talk
  • Test Report Dashboard
    Test Report Dashboard
  • Selendroid
  • Appium
  • BugRaptors Framework
    BugRaptors Framework
  • Cucumber
  • Jenkins
  • JUnit
  • Behat

BugRaptors Performance testing services are designed to solve performance defects early in project's development life cycle. BugRaptors draws a substantial amount of performance testing expertise from various types of applications, technologies and businesses.

  • API Load Test
    API Load Test
  • GPU Overdraw
    GPU Overdraw
  • Garbage Cleaning
    Garbage Cleaning
  • Network Analysis
    Network Analysis
  • Load Test
    Load Test
  • NeoLoad
  • JMeter

A bad user experience can ruin your app, drive away user’s traffic and affect your company’s reputation. Does your app meet users’ expectations, easy to use & simple to learn? Bugraptors UX experts will ensure your product hits all the right UX notes & help you achieve a high quality user experience.

  • Click Testing
    Click Testing
  • User Interface Designs
    User Interface Designs
  • Usability Evaluation
    Usability Evaluation
  • Paper Prototype
    Paper Prototype
  • User Emotion
    User Emotion
  • Information Architecture
    Information Architecture

We understand potential security threats and takes a comprehensive real-world approach to analyze the security risk to your applications. Our team of dedicated security professionals will simulate controlled hacking attacks that malicious antagonists could use on systems, penetrate facilities, and steal sensitive data.

  • Mobile Web
    Mobile Web
  • Web Applications
    Web Applications
  • Web Service
    Web Service
  • URL Manipulation
    URL Manipulation
  • SQL Injection
    SQL Injection
  • Security Scanning
    Security Scanning
  • Vulnerability Scanning
    Vulnerability Scanning
  • Data Manipulation
    Data Manipulation
  • Cross Site Scripting
    Cross Site Scripting
  • Cookie Manipulation
    Cookie Manipulation


  • Author image

    BugRaptors QA team is very talented and helpful. I highly recommend the automation engineers at BugRaptors.

    • Alexander Grinkevich
  • Author image

    We selected BugRaptors among many software automation testing companies. As, they out performed and were excellent in their test automation services.

    • Wilco de Kreij
  • Author image

    It was a pleasure to work with the automation team, who are very talented, hard-working and capable to deliver high quality product. They are amazingly fast and able to learn things quickly.

    • Abdullateef Bukhari
  • Author image

    The test experts from BugRaptors quickly developed a set of automated regression test cases and subsequently scheduled test execution accordingly.

    • Eugene Klimaszewski
  • Author image

    BugRaptors has exceeded all my expectations. I have worked with many QA teams all over the world & they have been the most talented & helpful. I highly recommend their team.

    • Matthew Fisher
  • Author image

    They possess the highest level of business cooperation, an outstanding sense of responsibility and delivery of quality work. BugRaptors team is truly incredible.

    • Jack Hunter
  • Author image

    Testing team at BugRaptors is extremely technically capable and excellent follow-through on promises made. Our experience with BugRaptors has been fantastic.

    • Greg Cory
  • Author image

    BugRaptors has a variety of cross-trained test engineers who can scale up at any time to accommodate our requests. They are amazingly fast and able to absorb things very quickly.

    • Vikas Vanjani
  • Author image

    BugRaptors worked closely with us, incorporated countless changes in requirements and were very responsive to all our needs. Definitely a partner of choice and a great company to work with!

    • Michael Freese
  • Author image

    This team is a rare find. Extremely capable, professional and responsive.

    • Frank Chechile

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