Many of the e commerce website and application owners' question that, despite the high traffic to their website, no one is purchasing the stuff. Do you wonder why your eCommerce website isn't generating the required sales?  

These queries always arise when your website doesn't yield the outcomes you were hoping for and most of the time, the reason is no consideration to retail testing services. In this situation, you must evaluate customer behavior and experience at your Online store. eCommerce stores lose roughly 2.5 million dollars of sales annually due to sluggish speed.   

You can choose how to make your website more user-friendly and appealing to your clients once you have determined your flaws. Besides, you need strong user involvement and products that compel clients if you want to run a successful eCommerce business.   

Since eCommerce businesses only depend on customers, sales are crucial to their success. This is where and why quality assurance strategies along with software testing comes into the role. In this blog, we will learn about the reasons why customers leave your online store i.e., your e-commerce websites or applications before buying the products.  

Let’s begin!  

Factors That Might Hamper Online Store Performance  

If customers leave your store without buying the item, perhaps there is a problem. Additional to the customer's lack of interest in the product there may be other factors as well.    

  • Product Description isn't sale Oriented 

The description is undervalued, especially if you sell handcrafted or distinctive products.  Never undervalue the impact of a well-written description about the product, because this is what ultimately will affect CX.  

A customer is interested in learning everything a product can do, is made of, how it works, and its dimensions and handling. Everything needs to be carefully and precisely worded. Search engine rankings  should be highly optimized.   

A customer should be able to immediately recognize and relate to the product after reading the description.  You already know what will happen if the description doesn't accomplish that.   

Make sure to include every single minute detail about the product in the description, and make it incredibly customer-friendly. An excellent description significantly reduces the likelihood of losing the consumer to a competitor, which is quite likely to happen.  

  • Lacking Intuitive User Experience (UX)   

Customers who arrive at your website to buy a product that takes too long to load can give up in frustration.   

The importance of the problem is demonstrated by the fact that 47% of consumers expect the website to load in less than a second. One needs to modify the coding and employ various methods to shorten the loading time.   

Because more than half the customers now use smartphones, pick a mobile-friendly website.   

  • The customer will lose interest in your website if it is not responsive to all mobile screen sizes because it is difficult to utilize. In this case, load testing of the website can help the testers to check the load conditions when multiple users are using the site.  

  • Have simple options to use so that clients can buy things without any problems immediately.   

  • Make sure your website is user-friendly and easy for your visitors so they will adore purchasing your stuff.   

  • Make sure your contact and about us pages are up to par so that customers can learn more about you, who you are, and why you decided to open a business.   

  • Tell them everything about you to win their business. 

Learn About Some Of The Most Important Aspects Of Testing E-commerce Websites 

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  • Is your site reliable?   

Building and maintaining a strong customer relationship requires trust. Customers will not make a sale if they don't feel confident. It also has a significant impact when customers must give their bank or credit card information to the merchant when making a purchase.   

If the URL doesn't start with HTTPS, customers won't be willing to enter their credit card information on your website. Even if they continue, many users may stop at this stage and won't likely purchase from you. A security error warning that reads "not recommended" may be displayed to a new visitor if your website is not encrypted using HTTPS, which could harm your reputation.  

To increase your website's trustworthiness, you can build it with a simple layout, optimized pictures, quick loading times, and a user-friendly interface. Ensure that the SSL Certificate for your store is current, valid, and active on all of your pages. Additionally, the eCommerce store must be constructed with appropriate encryption so that your clients feel secure about your website.   

With the aid of trust badges like Norton Safe, TrustLock, and others, you can protect your customers' personal information more effectively. Customer reviews greatly influence the trust that visitors have in your website. First-time buyers and new visitors will take customer reviews and testimonials very seriously, which could result in conversions. This is also another aspect where security testing plays a important role. 

  • Bad User Experience   

Once your website is up and running, you anticipate seeing many conversions and purchases.   

Is it not performing as it should?   

Making a website with eye-catching themes and designs won't help you manage your business effectively. Customers will have a poor user experience if you only focus on the design aspect of the website while ignoring its usability.   

Several of the frequent problems that could deter future business include:  

  • If the checkout button on your product pages is not prominent enough to be seen,   

  • If the variable items are presented with their appropriate and available characteristics. 

  • If the product page's quantity field is absent. 

  • If locating the necessary goods proves challenging. 

  • The absence of visuals for tangible goods.   

  • A website with inadequate navigational design   

  • Difficulty of the checkout and order processing processes   

  • The absence of clear shipment transparency and monitoring facility  

Overall, it is necessary to focus on the usability and functionality of the eCommerce website, matching the work you put into your designs and themes to provide a better user experience.   

  •  Hassle-free purchasing   

Building a website with simple order processing is crucial since it affects whether or not clients complete the purchase. Remember that order processing starts as soon as a customer looks through the store's inventory. Showcase your products with the necessary information more effectively to make them simple for customers to obtain.   

Make it easy. Make sure the purchasing procedure is as easy and seamless as possible. Create a clear purchasing procedure to prevent shopping cart abandonment. Cart abandonment may occur if your checkout procedure is complicated, as it may move down the sales funnel. For better outcomes, construct your website using a one-page checkout rather than a progress page checkout.   

Ensure the ordering process is properly organized for maximum client satisfaction and long-term business success. Customers often want simple transactions and hassle-free buying processes; thus, the fewer clicks, the better.   

Wrapping Up  

The competition amongst eCommerce websites also intensifies as the market expands.   

Customer engagement is the finest and most effective approach to stand out. The best approach to market your online store, increase conversions, and increase sales is to engage your customers.   

Some marketing automation strategies to increase customer engagement include enabling consumers to leave feedback, paying them for each action they take in-store, and offering live chat help. The eCommerce business is dynamic; you may succeed by maintaining continual contact with your clients.   

Some typical explanations for why clients choose not to purchase from you are listed above. Providing a positive customer experience is the best way to increase sales and expand your business. Browse your website, correct your errors, and discover how to expand your eCommerce company.   

It is necessary to draw attention to the key points that can irritate your clients. One can leverage software testing companies for their online stores for disseminating better services and ultimately enhancing the overall customer experience. 

Since the idea is to "Make it Simple" by analyzing, researching, correcting, and learning how to increase your online sales, at BugRaptors we can help you add quality to your eCommerce website allowing your users to enjoy excellent functionality, visibility, and customer satisfaction. 

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Raghav Vashishth

Raghav is a QA enthusiast working as a Team Lead at BugRaptors. He has diverse exposure in various projects and application testing with a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of SDLC. He has 7 plus years of hands-on experience with blue-chip companies like Hitachi, Vmware, and Kloves. He is well versed in Load and Performance testing, API Testing, Manual testing, Mobile application testing, Web application testing and can create effective documentation related to testing such as Test Plan, Test Cases, Test Reports, etc.


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