Over the past few years, software testing has become a significant component of the software development lifecycle as it has become vital to overcoming sub-optimal quality issues. Especially, the introduction of Agile, DevOps, and Automation practices along with shift-left, Continuous Integration & Continuous Development approaches have made way for the most reliable technology.   

All these techniques and practices have paved the way for effective software development and releases flooding the market with quality products. Moreover, quality releases done at a faster pace have enabled improved UI along with better customer satisfaction, brand credibility, trust, and everything that calls for business resilience.   

More importantly, a brand that manages to win the trust of the customers with quality products tends to nurture resilience for all the business highs and lows. Especially talking about the times of pandemic, it was the time when the world found a way to move forward, taking advantage of technology to keep up with resources, services, and values.   

Since the idea to leverage technology and chase the goals of business resilience were different for every industry, this blog will try to highlight how software testing services have helped improve the quality of operations within an environment that overlapped physical business and digital processes.   

1. Healthcare  

The footprints of the COVID-19 pandemic have started to diminish slowly, but it has made the entire health agencies and Life sciences departments innovate the entire model of healthcare. As the primary objective was to take quality healthcare to all those in need and keep the spread under control, the world shifted to inventing devices and telehealth platforms to keep the healthcare workflow running.   

The process involved the major use of technologies like AI-based patient care and the use of RPA to accelerate the relief process for patients. As healthcare is an industry that demands rapid solutions without compromises on quality, the only thing that has and can keep up the flow is software testing and quality assurance.   

From making appointments to processing claims, managing records, and other administrative activities, software testing had all the potential to accelerate automated systems that can keep the healthcare industry moving for the present scenario as well as the future.  

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2. Banking & Finance  

The banking industry has gone through the extensive digital drive as transfer of payments to financial claims, users need the most secure services within a few taps. Besides, there is a constant fear of updating the security for all the software, website, and applications used for banking and other financial operations.   

Nevertheless, software testing services have all the potential to measure the security and convenience of digital banking and finance platforms. Moreover, strengthening digital platforms can help avoid any gaps with cash flow that might disturb the past-paced business environment.   

Besides, implementing Quality assurance solutions in the development process for wealth and management systems, mobile applications, internet banking, claim management, and financial settlements can all be improved with timely and rapid testing.  

3. Retail  

With the world entering into the global lockdown situation recently, people and businesses all raised their standards to physical operations with greater concern for health. However, the situation possessed a major issue with access to life necessities making the retail industry shift to a digital approach powered with eCommerce applications and omnichannel experience.   

Since it is a mandate to offer convenience, security, and a pleasing user experience, all at once, the use of quality assured technology made things simpler. On top of that, the use of touch technologies like RFID tags for inventory and contactless payments on POS all pushed the concept of business resilience while offering quality, safety, and convenience online as well as physical shopping.   

4. Manufacturing & Logistics  

Whenever there occurs any disaster or emergency, the manufacturing industry gets the most affected while losing control of supply chain and logistics. This is why the concept of industry 4.0 is rising, speeding up the connectivity requirements under a space that is secure and digitally controlled.   

As industry 4.0 is based on the use of technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, the Internet of Things, and Machine Learning, embedding quality assurance services is the only way to close the gap between the production line and delivery operations.   

5. Telecom  

If it is something that has helped lift the digital face of things, it is the quality communication, and since we have reached a stage where strong network requirements are necessary to keep things moving, any network issues could lead to serious disruption. In short, a robust telecom system is mandatory to facilitate business resilience and support the digital environment at the global stage.   

Here, telecom testing services could help the world make the transition and reflect on the productivity goals. Moreover, quality assurance can also help the telecom industry to work on operational sustainability and overall workflow efficiency by making way for smarter technologies like AI and edge computing into the process.   

6. eLearning  

Digitizing rapidly, the education system is going through digital reform with the health of remote learning solutions. From dedicated tutorials to on-demand lectures and podcasts, the modern-day learning solutions are making the best use of AR and VR technology to offer more enriching experiences to the students and learners.   

As the only thing that can help improve the quality of education is the convenience offered by the digital platforms, education testing services can be leveraged to improve the digital learning journey.   

7. Media & Entertainment  

The media and entertainment industry has been evolving for so long. The shift of momentum from YouTube to Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other online watching platforms has made it vital for media brands to work on quality aspects of entertainment. Besides, the social media applications and gaming industry have equally managed to capture the attention of users offering the most realistic and high-tech entertainment options to users from across the globe.   

Since it is vital for users to enjoy a seamless experience at all stages of navigation, software testing services for the media and entertainment industry are necessary to offer high-performance apps and uninterrupted streaming.   

Why Is Software Testing Necessary For Business Resilience?  

When we say resilient, it refers to creating a system that can overcome all types of threats and challenges possessed. However, when a system is highly dependable on technology, it becomes more important to counter anything and everything that could affect the business ecosystem. The same goes for all the industries that are dependent on software technology to keep the business moving, and the only way to meet the criteria of availability, capacity, performance, and trust is making the right use of software testing services.   

Since business continuity and business resilience are the two most important concerns that are faced by organizations, leveraging software testing and quality assurance could help perform flawlessly.   

At BugRaptors, we are known for all our commitment to creating the most secure, highly reliable, and outperforming end-to-end testing solutions for your software, application, and websites.   

Need help building your path to business resilience? Connect with our experts today!  


Achal Sharma

Achal is a seasoned Mobile Automation Lead in BugRaptors with an ISTQB certification, possessing extensive expertise in mobile automation testing. With a robust background in developing and implementing automation frameworks tailored specifically for mobile applications, Achal excels in ensuring the quality and reliability of mobile software products. His proficiency in utilizing cutting-edge automation tools and methodologies enables him to streamline testing processes and accelerate release cycles. Achal's leadership skills, coupled with his commitment to delivering high-quality solutions, make him a valuable asset in driving mobile automation initiatives and achieving organizational goals effectively.


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