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What will testing look like in Year 2020?
What will testing look like in Year 2020?
Software Testing
February 13, 2017

One thing which we were observing since the year 2001 was how testing activities integrate with SDLC in early stages by using methodologies such as Agile. Agile was used by many organizations for shortening their development time. Also use of virtualization, cloud computing and service oriented architecture also become famous.

Below are the Software Testing predictions for the coming years:

1. New roles and responsibilities of Software Tester: Nowadays our prime objective is to prevent bugs before the product gets delivered. In the future, we will see how the testers will also provide various risk assessments tools which will ensure that our product is stable at all times.

How will we achieve this?

i) Understanding the risks introduced in the product by the changes being done which will result in avoiding flaws and bugs before they are written into the code.

ii) More automation will helps developers to test their changes constantly.

iii) Catching the bugs before they will write into the code by working together with the programmers.

2. Testers will be a part of the development teams: Test Engineers will need to work more and more time directly with the programmers which will increase the communication and the interaction between the testers and programmers.

3. Communication with other teams: Testers should communicate more with other teams such as product, support, development teams, customers, etc. which will help them to understand about business processes and factors that may influence the product and the team.

4. Open source tools will be in huge demand: More organizations will adopt open source tools. They will not only be used for Automation but also for DevOps and Agile.

5. Tools, techniques and frameworks for managing Big Data: Testing of big data is strongly needed because of the rate at which data is growing. Testing of these data sets would require various tools, techniques and frameworks.

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6. Root cause analysis: Testers should also improve the quality by solving the root cause of problems instead of informing about the symptoms. This can be done by solving ambiguity in specifications or technical implementations like code complexity or redundancy and make sure those problems will not happen again.

7. Feedback process should get fast: Testing ensures adding value and deliver fast feedback to the team. Everything that delays the feedback loop needs to be taken seriously and improved. Testing activities should occur along with development to keep the feedback loops in testing as short as possible. For continuous delivery teams, it should not become the bottleneck. It should also help the teams in decreasing the number of bugs in production.

8. Continuous monitoring and reporting deviations: In future, testers will focus more on continuous monitoring and reporting deviations in production. One of the most important activities is monitoring impact for a change in code. It will also help the organization to visualize the real value of the solution.

9. Quality along with high speed will be a key to success: Best products would be developed in fastest possible time. This will help the organizations to focus on giving the best user experience along with the fastest time to market. The speed is only going to increase along with better quality due to the knowledge of latest and tools and technologies.

10. Software testing industry will continue to grow in future: With such huge focus and demand for high quality products and with major technologies such as Big Data analytics, Cloud Technologies, Mobility, and Virtualization more organizations will be attracted to increase their budget to about 40% for software testing.

Author: Piyush Badyal

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Piyush Badyal is working as Security Software test engineer at BugRaptors with over 4+ years of experience. He conducts Security and penetration testing on Web and Mobile applications. He is expertise in Social Networking, ecommerce, ERP and Educational websites domains.

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