Want to speed up your application’s delivery? Try our own framework.

Functional Testing

About Hybrid test automation

Depending upon the project size, we work on various frameworks like: Data driven, Keyword driven and module based framework so the combination of all these frameworks is called hybrid framework. We have also created some universal frameworks which fit with all kind of projects. Our designed frameworks have less code writing time, save money and allow code reusability.

Features Offered by Our Framework

  • Customizable and robust

    Customized data driven framework that is easy to use, maintain and understand as it is written in Java. Our framework is compatible with Selenium 3.0 that gives very fast execution.

  • Data driven

    This framework uses data-driven approach in which we inject the test data into the scripts from the external source that can be property file, excel, database java files etc. This approach is very helpful when maintenance is required. We just need to identify correct data source and make changes in test data. These data sources may contain test data, system variables, application variables etc.

  • Execution using TestNG

    We have integrated TestNG in our framework for test execution support, reports and logs that provide very good and detailed technical information after each test run.

  • User friendly and interactive report

    Especially for user-friendly and a beautiful report, we have integrated another third-party reporting tool i.e. Extent Report. It provides very clear and interactive report in tabular and graphical view along with detailed information that includes environment data, test case status with required screenshots, time stamp, and other useful information.