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Functional Testing

What is Game Testing?

Like any other testing activities, testing of video games is must in the development of a video game. The process begins in the development phase. Once development is done, the testing takes in the place and make the final end-to-end testing to assure that the gamer is working fine and it will provide good experience to the end user.

Functional Testing

Why is Game Testing Important?

Games have become more powerful, the video game industry needs testing tigers to make it a hit in the market. Launching new video game in the market, costs millions of dollars. Therefore performing game testing becomes important.

What do we test?

  • Multiplayer Feature

    Playing against multiple other opponents is quite common in games and even though other software also communicates with other users and servers through different mediums, it is often to a little extent and less sensitive.

  • Audio Testing

    Many sounds playing simultaneously in a game, makes it necessary to test the audio of the game.

  • Physics Testing

    Some games have physics engine, which affect both gameplay and animations.