Does your application meets the specified ERP standards?

Functional Testing

What is ERP testing?

From business perspective, ERP has expanded widely. From technological aspect, ERP has evolved from legacy implementation to more flexible tiered client-server architecture. Testing is done before and after an ERP software is deployed.

Functional Testing

Why ERP Testing is Important?

Chances of failure of ERP software is very high due to its complexity and improper testing, thus testing is required before and after an ERP software is deployed. So, the testing is considered to be a continuous activity.

ERP Testing Process

  • Pre-test the database

    Database testing is performed to check that all information is correct and is working accurately.

  • Verify testing

    Actual result should mirror the desired result.

  • Perform final testing

    Once the training is complete, the team needs to perform a final test on the data and processes and make any needed adjustments.