Experiencing compatibility issues with your application?

Functional Testing

What is Compatibility Testing?

Compatibility testing is a type of non-functional testing. It is a type of software testing which is done to ensure that the system/application/website built is compatible with various other objects such as other web browsers, operating systems, users and hardware platforms etc.

Functional Testing

Why Compatibility Testing is Necessary ?

In today’s technology driven business, a software application is demanded to work with various platforms and versions. Adjusting rapidly to changing platforms would help companies to manage huge business demands and deliver results that provide true business value. Extensive testing helps create products of high quality that provide value for money. This testing ensures a competitive edge for the end product in terms of quality, compatibility, cost, and delivery before it is delivered.

Types of Compatibility Testing

  • Forward Compatibility Testing

    Forward Compatibility Testing is a type of testing that makes sure if the application is compatible with the newer or upcoming versions.

  • Backward Compatibility Testing

    Backward Compatibility Testing makes sure that an application which is designed using latest version of the environment also works in an older version