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Functional Testing

What is Cloud Testing ?

Cloud testing is a form of software testing in which web applications control cloud computing environments.

Functional Testing

Why is Cloud Testing Important?

To assure the quality of applications runs in the cloud is retained using cloud testing and it includes the functional services, business processes, and system performance of the software application.

Objectives of Cloud testing

  • To verify if a system meets the requirements and performed effectively in required environment.

  • To assure the quality of software application. It comprises of performance, scalability as well as applications functionality in the cloud.

  • To verify if the tested application is appropriate for the purpose in a cloud environment.

  • To verify the automatic cloud-based functionality which is also called as auto-provisioned functions.

  • services
  • To check the inter connection between cloud infrastructure and application deployed.

  • To verify whether the data migration has been performed correctly.